Friday 23 March 2018

#Sligo cyber fame

More than 23,000 Instagram pictures and several thousand tweets have been uploaded to Sligo Tourism's marketing campaign launched over four years ago.

The aim of the campaign was to attract visitors to the county by capitalising on Sligo's very active social media communities and passionate fans.

People are encouraged to share their tips, recommendations, current happenings and quirky facts on Sligo using the hashtag: #SligoWhoKnew. #AdventureCapital is also popular and used to promote Sligo around the world. If you type that into Twitter, posts about Sligo appear.

The image and text updates - mainly uploaded to Twitter, Facebook and Instagram - are then featured on, a digital board which showcases the hash-tagged content. There are several hash-tags to include while uploading to social media: #BestofSligo #Sligowhoknew #SligoTourism allows you to browse for photos of Sligo, the Wild Atlantic Way and to find out when and what is happening here.

If you want to stay up to date with what is happening in Sligo or perhaps you love photography than look no further than these social media stars who help to promote the town and county.

Val Robus is a prolific blogger at Magnumlady blog ( twitter and Instagram @Magnumlady to see her explorations of Sligo and what food and events she is recommending for both tourists and locals to enjoy. 

Other popular people on social media include Janell Carew on Instagram and Mark Capilitan on Twitter.

Sligo Champion