Thursday 18 July 2019

'Sexual violence is a scourge'

'Sexual violence is a scourge to society.' That is according to Elaine Hanson of Sligo Rape Crisis Centre. Ms Hanson addressed the gathering at IT Sligo and described the event as 'an afternoon of bravery'.

Ms Hanson said sexual violence was something that so many people have to deal with, from the young and old to both females and males.

Speaking to The Sligo Champion, Ms Hanson said it was important for such an exhibition to take place in a third level setting.

Addressing the issue of consent, Ms Hanson said it was still 'a grey area'.

"Consent is just a very grey area. There is a law now that can actually define what consent is so it's quite clear now within law that you cannot aggree if you're drunk or under the influence. I don't think a lot of young people are aware of that."

She believes that a lot of sexual assault happens to people and they don't know it has happened to them or an offence has been committed.

"Some of the perpetrators don't know they're doing something that is against the law. That is of grave concern to us. Why are young people not being told the actual facts of what is or isn't consent? Whether you've met them for the first time or whether you're in a long term relationship," she said, adding, "The message we need to be putting across is that there is a line that you do not cross around sexual activity."

Sligo Champion