Friday 15 December 2017

Sasha the dog up for a Golden Paw

Fia Flynn from Strandhill with Sasha
Fia Flynn from Strandhill with Sasha

The Golden Paw awards honour Ireland's most courageous and life changing dogs.

Fia Flynn has nominated her dog, Sasha, who has played a huge part in helping her overcome obstacles with autism and social integration problems.

Fia (21) from Strandhill said: "I have had Sasha for awhile now, previously to that I had a collie, but she wasn't a service dog.

"Sasha is currently getting help with a trainer in Grange."

She added: "Before I got Sasha, I had anxiety, I also have a mild case of autism, ADHD and aspergers.

"Sasha is my boundary.

"She stops me from getting anxious and insecure.

"I feel like I can go anywhere with her now, I don't feel that I have to stay at home."

She said that she was afraid to meet old schoolmates, as she had been bullied while at school.

"I was afraid to meet people, I was getting worked up as I felt that I was out of my comfort zone.

"I was insecure.

"I feel okay now that Sasha is with me.

"There has been a huge change and it is all down to Sasha."

The labrador is nominated in the Irish Kennel Club's Golden Paw Awards, which take place in May.

"I would be really proud if she won," Fia said.

She is currently studying Equine Studies in Bray.

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