Sunday 15 September 2019

Parenting course celebrates a year

The first year of 'Shaping Ourselves and Our Children - SOOC has just been completed.

Some 650 people have completed SOOC and 99% would recommend this course to anyone who is a mum, dad, grandparent or simply anyone who wants to know how to support children.

SOOC is supported by the EU's PEACE IV programme and managed by the Special EU Programmes Body (SEUPB) and was developed by the Lifestart Foundation and its partners - Lifestart Services CGL, Sligo Family Support Centre, the Dunluce Family Centre, Barnardos Strabane and The Junction.

"Everything we say and do shapes our kids, doing this course has made me realise many things that I would never even thought of" was the feedback from one parent.

This is the main overriding message we get from those who have completed SOOC. We help parents understand how a child's self-esteem and confidence is shaped at home.

We look at how the language parents and grandparents use impacts on how a child sees himself and others in our communities. Many parents believe that SOOC has been hugely beneficial to them. As one parent remarked "This course was a big eye opener for me!"

Happy children make happy homes! And happy homes make happy communities. SOOC enables groups to talk about parenting issues that are important to them. SOOC also provides tuition and amazing resources on key topics around communication, empathy, behaviour, play and diversity.

Run over four days where parents get support with babysitting costs and lunch or supper depending on the time of the course. Most agree this is not just a wonderful course but it is a great opportunity to meet other mums, dads and grandparents.

SOOC has 30 trained facilitators with two facilitating each SOOC course. They have seen SOOC support parents/grandparents learn how important what they do in the home is. Helping parents understand how they shape their children for life at home, play-school, school and their communities.

Anna based here in Sligo and Leitrim believes: "This is an excellent course, it is such a wonderful opportunity for parents and participants to see that we have all have similar experiences in life in particular with regards to prejudices. Parents are getting so much from this parenting course. Feedback is always very positive."

SOOC will continue for another two years and we know that you won't regret doing SOOC. If you are a group, for example breast feeding, parent and toddlers, dads support groups, Men's Shed etc., we would love to hear from you.

This course is FREE and available to anyone who has a child in their life. Keep an eye out for the September SOOCs or contact Mary on 087 210 7496 or email for more information.

Match-funding for this project has been provided by the Executive Office in Northern Ireland and the Department of Rural and Community Development in Ireland.

Sligo Champion