Wednesday 24 January 2018

Open pubs on Good Friday, says Senator

Senator Imelda Henry wants pubs to be allowed open on Good Friday.

She's published a Bill to this effect which will be debated soon in the Seanad.

Sen Henry said: "I believe that the closure of pubs on Good Friday is a legacy of our past which does not recognise the massive changes in the country and the manner in which pubs have changed in recent times.

"I believe it is high time we moved on from this outdated law.

"The Irish pub has evolved significantly in recent years.

"Almost 60% of Irish pubs now serve food.

"I believe that it is no longer realistic to expect one key sector in our hospitality industry to close on a day when shops, restaurants and other businesses are open.

"At Easter weekend, a time when many people take a break, I believe they should be able to avail of the Irish pub experience.

"If any publican wishes to remain closed on Good Friday for religious reasons they would of course be free to do so."

Sligo Champion

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