Saturday 24 March 2018

New sports database at our fingertips

SLIGO has its sports and leisure facilities at its fingertips.

A new database, including an exact Google map location of each centre across the county, has just been launched.

It comes as part of a joint venture between the Sligo Sport and Recreation Partnership and IT Sligo.

The mammoth task of refreshing old information, researching, updating and cross-checking new information was undertaken by Ryan Smyth, who graduates this year from IT Sligo as a Bachelor of Business in Recreation and Leisure.

Ryan said: "These days more people are searching online for any information they need.

"If someone knows about a particular facility, but isn't sure where it is, particularly in rural areas, the information is now readily accessible."

The database is a key element of a redesigned Sports and Recreation Partnership website.

IT President Professor Terri Scott said: "This project underlines our commitment to working collaboratively with external groups and agencies, regionally and nationally."

Sligo Champion