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Interview: Claudia McGloin



THERE'S A booming trade in the costmetic industry as people try to make themselves younger for a variety of reasons be it for self esteem or to get the edge on a competitor for a job.

Either way it just seems people can't get enough of Botox injections and other cosmetic treatments. There was a time when such treatments were only available in Dublin but a Sligo native has upped sticks in London where she had a promising career as a nurse to return home and branch out into the field of non surgical cosmetic enhancements.

Claudia Mcgloin spent fourteen years in London, working in some top hospitals, but has now set up Sligo's first medical aesthetic and colonic hydrotherapy clinic. Some may quiver at the thoughts of leaving stable employment to go and take the leap of setting up your own business in tough economic times, but Claudia is determined to succeed.

"I trained and worked in London as a senior trauma and orthopaedic nurse practitioner for many years and then I happened to fall into medical aesthetics. It's quite a big business in the U.K. From what I've seen in Ireland, well of course you have to take into account that it's a much smaller country too, but anyone wanting to avail of some treatments I'm offering had to previously travel to Dublin," Claudia explained. There are a number of aesthetic clinics in Galway and St. Joseph's hospital in Sligo has a dedicated plastic surgeon.

The move from London occurred rather quickly, she was visiting for Christmas last year and decided the time 'felt right'. "I had previously said that I'd never come back but I think I decided that I needed a fresh start, for personal reasons," she added. Claudia admits that it's been a big risk to come back to Ireland, and the clinic, which she opened in early December, is gaining new clients regularly. "Really, it's been going well so far and I have a lot of future appointments," she said.

Claudia explains that her clinic is not a beauty salon - it is a health clinic offering non-surgical cosmetic treatments, provided by medical professionals only. In Ireland, anti-wrinkle injections, as is the correct term for 'Botox', are gaining in popularity. "I've trained with cosmetic surgeons in London, including Adrian Richards, and I'm linking up with a doctor from Dublin to run a joint clinic together; also because the other treatments that I offer, he doesn't do and I can't do all of them on my own," she added.

Other procedures on offer in the clinic are chemical peels, which take around ten minutes and regenerates the skin. Using a layer of acid, then adding a neutraliser, chemical peels are generally used by people with acne, scars or wrinkles to reduce skin marks. Claudia is also offering Genuine Dermaroller which can only be used by authorised clinics and she is the only one in Sligo town. These are treatments which increase collagen and elastin in the skin thus reducing acne scars, stretch marks etc.

Claudia is already looking into expanding treatments in the clinic with mesotherapy - 'one of the best cellulite removal treatments', vein removal procedures, and a specific treatment to counteract against arthritis.

"This has been used in the U.K. for awhile now, and is available in Ireland. It works by injecting a naturally occurring substance, Hyaluronic Acid, into the knee, which hydrates the joint and lasts from anything between six months and two years, and I also carried out research on this in the U.K. Unfortunately, arthritis is happening to younger people, some of those getting knee replacements are really young so anything to delay this is a positive."

Claudia is liaising with a cosmetic surgeon to work alongside in her clinic for future non-surgical cosmetic treatments. "I'm doing a lot of research into different procedures and I would like to expand what is on offer here," she added.

Another element to the clinic is detox: with aqua detox foot spas and colonic hydrotherapy treatment ' thoroughly recommended' for their health benefits. "Although a lot of people have pre-conceived ideas about colonic hydrotherapy, it is essential to a healthy body," she explained.

Her clinic is located overlooking the Garavogue River at Millenium House, Stephen Street,