Saturday 15 December 2018

Hospital staff submit artworks for public and patients to enjoy

A former patient of Sligo University Hospital has created and donated a work of art to inspire other patients entering the building.

Local artist Paraic McLoughlin's sculpture 'Transit' represents the transition from sickness to health and the changes we sometimes face on the road to good health.

"The elements are based on a basic structure that united becomes something greater, power in numbers," said Paraic who was helped by his father Paraic.

His sculpture in the main atrium of the hospital joins other works of art submitted by hospital staff as part of a wider HSE Staff health and well-being initiative to promote a nicer environment for both staff and patients.

The photographs currently exhibited in the foyer were taken by the following staff members: Adrienne Bolton, Ann Clare Feely, Michelle Griffen, Aidan Lacey and Domhnall McLoughlin. "We hope that the addition of artwork and photographs will provide for an uplifting experience for our patients, staff and members of the public who walk through the hospital foyer," said a spokesperson.

Sligo Champion