Friday 15 December 2017

Glamping village will host weddings

Sligo funeral director David McGowan
Sligo funeral director David McGowan

Couples looking to get married somewhere different can do just that, as David McGowan says he will be facilitating weddings when his Enniscrone camping site opens fully.

McGowan, who made headlines worldwide last year when he brought a plane to Enniscrone for his camping village, says he has been receiving numerous enquiries from people looking to get married on the plane.

"We've had loads of enquiries about doing weddings from people in Ireland and abroad. We're going to put 20 seats back in. We're going to take the boarding off the cockpit area so people can see. And then the couple can bring in immediate family members," the Sligo funeral director said.

"The celebrants are gagging to do it as well. It's unique, it's the only place in the world where it happens.

"It's lifted the imagination of the people of the area," he added.

Some may think it's gone quiet, but there is work going on all the time to grow the glamping village before it is eventually opened.

"We're building a mock terminal too, it will have a reception area. So it will be exactly like walking into an airport.

"There will be an educational room upstairs that can act as a cinema too, it's a dual purpose room," he said.

Now that planning has been granted for the various projects at 'Quirky Nights Glamping Village', the work to get it ready continues.

"We're really giving people what they're asking for. You see a need and then you address that. We've had a few issues with planning, I'm not battering Sligo County Council, we got bits wrong ourselves.

"So we've got the planning now, it will leave me a bit stretched for the summer. We have a shop and forecourt at the front and want to get that done first."

Work on the forecourt will start almost immediately, with other projects to follow.

"If I do the plane, the train and terminal first then it will be a building site when I'm doing the forecourt. I want to do it right. If I miss this summer then if I have my health I'll have plenty more summers.

"Hopefully we'll be able to start that soon. I'd be disappointed if we didn't have the terminal, plane and train then done this time next year. The main thing here is to build it right.

"The delay with planning has really actually given me a year to think. You have to be positive about these things.

"We had so much media attention last year with the plane that we have to keep up the momentum," he said.

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