Tuesday 23 January 2018

Furniture styles

-TODAY'S POPULAR furniture designs reflected in trending home décor are a statement in the transitioning of contemporary lifestyle. The dining room table, for example, was often the focal point of gathering and entertainment of family and guests.

This convention has now given-way to the more casual transience of café or pub style sitting areas that lends itself to a more brief, intimate encounter. Coffee tables are no longer just an added feature to a living room, but one of function.

Designers have realized that more families are turning their living rooms into casual media centers, thereby redefining the coffee table into a storage or work station that also doubles as a functional, decorative place where modern folks have their meals. These tables will typically boast several drawers for out-of-the-way storage as well as retractable tops for ease of laptop usage.

The three, or four, piece living room set is passé in 2012 home décor trends and has been replaced with modular sectional furniture which may be arranged in a multitude of stylistic combinations-suiting the function and overall design of the room. These sectionals are also noted for having built-in, discreet amenities like cup-holders, coolers and magazine storage areas; again, reflecting the needs and desires of modern convenience.

The concept of modularity permits the inclusion of separate, secluded sitting areas whereby private conversations can occur without the influence of the media center.

The bedrooms are brighter and exude the simple lines of nondescript detail. This medium allows for the inclusion of fanciful colorations of the walls, drapes and bedspreads to come to decorative realization. Also trending in the bedroom furniture design is that of bed-frame foundations that serve as an additional source of storage, keeping linen closets less cluttered or providing a secluded chamber for the children's toys.

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