Monday 19 February 2018

From Garavogue to Guatemala

Corrine Hone with Angel at the Ninos Con Bendicion project
Corrine Hone with Angel at the Ninos Con Bendicion project

Emma Gallagher

FROM Garavogue to Guatemala. That's the fascinating journey of 22-year-old Corrine Hone.

The Sligo girl is volunteering in one of the poorest regions of La Antigua.

Young children work there on a daily basis to earn tiny sums of money just to survive.

Corrine told The Sligo Champion: "Children should be living, not struggling. That's why I decided to try to do all I can to help even one child.

"I feel so very blessed to have been given the opportunity to work with such amazing children. Despite having so little, often not having enough food, they still are some of the happiest, brightest and life-loving I have ever met."

Corrine is working with the Global Volunteer Network. She is involved in an orphanage and childcare programme.

The project is known as the 'Ninos Con Bendicion.' It means 'Children With Blessing.'

It was created in 2006 by Lesbi Chavez and her husband Juventino. They worked with children from impoverished families in a town called San Antonio Aguas Calientes.

The children receive education, after school support, healthcare, meals, etc.

Corrine explained: "I work every afternoon Monday to Friday. I assist children with homework. I teach them English.

"I work with Lesbi to create nutritious meals and snacks for the children each day.

"On Thursday, we take a break from homework to play football in a jungle clearing."

"I'm enjoying the experience."

Approximately 26 children attend the project. It receives no funding from the Guatemalan Government.

Corrine said: "We rely solely on donations. Children can also be sponsored. It costs approximately €220 to do so. That's just €4.60 a week for a child.

"Donations can also be made of any amount. Even a little can make a lot of difference to these children.

Corrine began her work in January and says she will continue for the foreseeable future.

The speech and language graduate from NUI Galway said: "I'm proud to be part of an amazing project."

Further information on sponsorship, donations is available on

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