Wednesday 15 August 2018

Film to raise awareness about ME

Unrest - a documentary which won a Sundance Film festival award - tells the human stories about ME.

For Ruth the loneliness and isolation of her condition is relieved somewhat by being able to share her story with other sufferers from around the globe.

"You do not have a normal life. It does lead to depression. There is a very limited understanding about ME which is recognised as a neurological illness by the World Heatlh Organisation. It has been described as the major illness that we don't know anything about. More biomedical research is being done and it shows there is something physiologically wrong with us, but there are misconceptions out there, phrases like 'the yuppie flu' don't help. The ME community is what keeps me going."

Unrest shows in the Sligo Southern Hotel at 2.30pm on May 12th.

Sligo Champion