Friday 23 February 2018

Enjoy a perfect lawn

A good lawn really enhances a garden and creates a calming contrast to bustling busy borders. Lawns are also a practical use of space, especially in large gardens and offer places for relaxation and play. What are the secrets for having a good lawn? It's all about a little regular care every year.


Feeding is the key for a perfect lawn. It will not only keep it green and healthy, but feeding will discourage weeds and moss from establishing. Here at Ardcarne Plantsplus Garden Centre we recommend HumberPalmers as it has a slow release action, therefore keeping the lawn green all summer. It's used by all the professional green keepers and it's organic. A second application is beneficial in late summer to keep the lawn in good health over the autumn and winter period.

Controlling weeds and moss

There's a new moss control on the market called Osmo which not only kills moss, but also feeds the lawn for three months as well. A big advantage with Osmo is that you don't need to rake out the dead moss, as it just withers away. It won't stain tarmac or the patio and is completely safe for children and pets.

Other lawn care products include Westland Lawn Feed, Weed & Mosskiller and Stadium, which control moss & weeds and feed the lawn at the same time. If the weeds are particularly bad we recommend spraying with a selective lawn weedkiller such as Dicophar, which kills lawn weeds but leaves the grass unharmed.

In the west of Ireland moss is a problem that really needs to be addressed every year otherwise it can build up and smother the grass. To treat a very mossy lawn use Sulphate of Iron, which will turn the moss black. This should then be raked out, with a spring tine rake or a mechanical scarifier for large areas. Although the lawn can look bare for a while it will quickly recover, especially after feeding.


Remember, lawns need mowing at least once a week in summer. Scalping long grass will only weaken the grass and allow weeds to establish. Keep your mowing blades sharp and the mower regularly serviced. Some mowers have a grass mulching option and this will also help feed the lawn. By following these little tips on lawn care, you really can look forward to the green, green grass of home!

Great To Do NoW

•Bring colour to your patio pots with Senetti flowers which have vivid coloured daisy-like flowers for months in spring and early summer.

•Plant seed potatoes, onions, herbs and vegetable seed now for a bumper harvest!

•Feed hedges and shrubs in borders with Chicken Manure Pellets to encourage strong new growth.

•Plant a few strawberry plants to enjoy your own crops of tasty fruit this summer. They grow easily in pots and are fun for children to plant.

•Apple trees, plums, pears and other fruits can all be planted now and quickly establish in the moist warm soil.

•Summer flowering bulbs such as dahlias, gladioli, begonias and lilies can all be planted now for some great summer colour this year.

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