Tuesday 21 November 2017

Carraroe Slimming World success story

Michelle Dorrigan has lost two stone since she joined the Carraroe Slimming World.

She said that she has much more confidence in herself now that she has lost weight.

"I realise that it's all about the power of choice.

"The food optimising plan has made me more aware of what I'm eating and drinking."

She said that alcohol was a contributing factor to her weight gain.

"You don't have to drink a lot to put on weight, just a few drinks out with friends or the odd glass of wine in front of the TV all add up.

"Before I came to Slimming World, a night out started with a trip to the chippers, followed by pre-drinking and snacks and then into town for the night.

"Once the nightclub finished it would be down to the shop to fill up on rolls, chocolate and sugary drinks before heading home."

Michelle added that she has also picked up tips from other members of the class.

"I even make all my own takeaway meals now from our Fakeaway cook book, so I never feel deprived."

The Carraroe group meets on Monday evenings in the community hall.

Call Tracy on 086 3891600 if you want to join.


Obesity is not just a problem of excess eating, it is also about how poor metabolism and hormone imbalances exist.

Problems with energy and motivation are apparent too.

System 10 is a weight loss programme that works by dealing with the underlying issues of obesity.

It uses food plans, exercise programmes and nutritional advice to help you get results and get your energy levels boosted.

Regardless of how much dieting or exercise you do, if metabolism faults exist, then weight loss won't happen.

Fad diets and weight loss systems give short term results, but most people forget that this is mostly only water loss.

These quick-fix diets can slow down metabolism even further.

System 10 operates by targetting your metabolism problems.

With better eating plans, incorporating everyday foods, you will have less cravings and better appetite control.

The class in the Sanovitae gym in the Clarion Hotel includes private weekly weigh ins and focuses on three-week targets.

For more information, phone Arlene on 087 6663020.

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