Monday 23 October 2017

Big moment for smallest cow Ella

Farmer Henry Judge with Ella and her new calf Patrick
Farmer Henry Judge with Ella and her new calf Patrick

Paul Deering

The smallest cow in the world has given birth to a calf.

'Ella' standing at just 31 inches, hit the headlines when it was revealed she would be entering the Guinness Book of World Records.

Now, there's even more cause for celebration at the Oxhill Stud in Dromore West with the arrival of a calf.

Ella calved on St Patrick's Day and appropriately enough the newborn long-legged male calf will be called Patrick.

Due to her small size Ella might encounter difficulties feeding the calf.

Farmer Henry Judge said: ''He was born on St. Patrick's morning.

"We let Ella out of her shed because they like to go away to calf away from everyone."

The proud farmer is confident three year-old Ella will secure her slot in the next Guinness Book of Records as the shortest cow on the planet.

He said: ''She deserves her place on the world records because she's two inches shorter than the smallest one accounted for in England."

The current record holder is an English black Dexter called Swallow.

Mr Judge is waiting for officials to visit his farm to measure Ella and declare the record officially.

He's in no doubt but the Sligo cow will get the record.

He even has a pig at his farm that is taller than Ella.

In order to qualify for the Guinness Book of Records, Ella had to be a fully grown adult of three years.

The diminutive cow also gave birth last year to a regular-sized Dexter male calf.

She experienced problems when feeding her young as he had to crouch down to suckle under his petite mother.

Mr Judge added: ''That was a long-legged calf and Patrick is too so she will have the exact same problem again."

The farmer named the tiny cow after RTÉ presenter Ella McSweeney.

She was on his farm the day Ella's mother calved and he promised he would name the newborn after her.

Ella was born in April 2010 and Mr Judge hopes she will produce a calf each year.

Mr Judge breeds Connemara ponies, Dexter cows and Blackface Mountain sheep.

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