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A remedy to kick start the new year


Hornbeam can get good for motivation

Hornbeam can get good for motivation

Hornbeam can get good for motivation

So you can't get going for 2020? Sometimes the beginning of a New Year can be a bit slow to kick off. You might be lacking in motivation. There are some natural remedies that might give you the kick start you need.

You know I like Bach flower essences and there is one in particular that works well for motivation. Take a look at Hornbeam. This is my favourite one for when every day feels like a Monday, or you need a cup of coffee to help get you going.

Hornbeam is a great one for when you keep putting things on the long finger. That could be anything; it could be not going out for the walk you promised yourself you would do, or staring at the pile of ironing that has sat on the table for a week and instead of doing it you say to yourself "I will do that tomorrow". It's also a great one to choose if you can't motivate yourself to get back into the study regime.

The beauty of flower essences is that they are safe for all ages and you only take them when you need them. You have a choice of how to take your essence of Hornbeam. You either take two drops from the bottle 4 times a day or on your tongue or in a drink. You can get yourself a 30ml dropper bottle as well. If you do this simply fill the dropper bottle with water and add two drops of Hornbeam into the dropper bottle. Put away the small bottle of Hornbeam and take 4 drops 4 times a day. You can repeat this procedure when the 30ml bottle is empty.

There are 38 different flower essences to choose from. So you could combine Hornbeam with Gorse if for example your lack of motivation is combined with lack of hope or indifference. Gorse is a wonderful essence to help you feel positive. You can add 2 drops to your 30ml dropper bottle.

Call in and have a chat we can help you decide which remedies help motivate you this year.

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