Sunday 25 February 2018

A good night's sleep on an Alderford bed

Eight out of ten people suffer from back pain at some stage of their lives.

A direct contributor to this is poor posture and support whilst sleeping.

Specifically designed to combat these problems, King Koil and Odearest beds have been designed with the assistance and co-operation of the international chiropractor association. They feature innovate technologies, including flexi-coil, multi-lastic springing, and our unique edge support system working together to support weight evenly. The result is a range of beds that provide an exceptional combination of luxurious comfort, optimal support and longterm durability, resulting in a better quality, restorative sleep, every night.

This complete collection is on show in Alderford Interiors, Ballyfarnon - we have a bed to suit all needs.

Sligo Champion

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