Thursday 19 September 2019

Leaving Cert results in line with previous years

Ciara Galvin

Today (Tuesday 13th) 805 Sligo students will receive their Leaving Certificate and Leaving Certificate Applied results.

Students from across the county will attend their respective second level instituitions to get their results or many will log on remotely at the earlier time of 10am to obtain results.

According to the State Examinations Commission, this year's results obtained are broadly in line with those obtained in 2018 and previous years.

This is the second year to see the changes to the Leaving Cert grading system for the 58,500.

In 2017 the old familiar grading system - A1, B2, C3 - was replaced with grades from H1 to H8 (for higher-level subjects) and from O1 to O8 (for ordinary level subjects).

In all, there are a total of eight grades available at higher and ordinary level separated by margins of 10 per cent.This compares to 14 under the old system, typically separated by margins of 5 per cent.

Of the candidates who sat Leaving Certificate examinations this year, 56,071 candidates followed the Leaving Certificate (Established) programme, of which 13,124 (22.3%) followed the Leaving Certificate Vocational Programme. A further 2,716 (4.6%) candidates followed the Leaving Certificate Applied Programme.

This year 2,716 students took their final stage examinations in the two year Leaving Certificate Applied (LCA) programme nationwide.

LCA students have been building their credits right through the two years of their Leaving Certificate course, so today brings the final stage and full recognition of their achievements. The results for LCA students differ from those of their counterparts in the established Leaving Certificate.

Graduates from the LCA programme receive a single award made on the basis of credits accumulated over the two year cycle and in the final examinations.

This year saw a host of languages also being examined.

The State Examination Commission provides exams in a range of EU non-curricular languages.

There is a slight increase in the candidature for the non-curricular EU languages this year - a total of 1,679 as against 1,461 in the 2018 examination.

The top languages to be taken up at Leaving Cert level were Polish with 780, Romanian at 340 students, 177 taking Lithuanian and 116 sitting the Portugese paper.

A helpline facility will be operating from early today (Tuesday) to provide information and advice to students and parents at results time.

The helpline number operated by the National Parents' Council (Post Primary) is 1800 265 165.

For more information regarding online results visit:

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