Wednesday 18 September 2019

Festival teens 'not supervised'

Paul Deering

Gardaí say they will be holding a post Sligo Summer Festival briefing following complaints about the behaviour of young teenagers around the town at the weekend.

Superintendent Ray McMahon said it was a case of too many teenagers being let off unsupervised into town early on each day of the music festival.

"We were certainly kept busy with them and it's something we like to have to do and is certainly not the norm. We would have expected better supervision. There was an influx of young people over a protracted period of time surrounding the festival, mainly before and with not a lot of supervision. We had a lot of work checking on them. We will certainly be sitting down as part of our de-brief with the festival organisers to see what can be done for next year," he said.

Bishop of Elphin Kevin Doran complained some groups of teenagers were walking around openly with cans of beer with one group taking over a dilapidated building for "an impromptu party."

He said:"What bothers me is that adults, who should know better, are clearly sourcing alcohol for minors or selling it to them illegally, and without any consideration for the consequences."

Sligo Champion