Saturday 19 January 2019

Yeats' tale of woe comes home to Hazelwood House

The atmospheric setting of Hazelwood House in Sligo set the perfect stage for a production of 'Purgatory' by WB Yeats last Friday night.

A Blue Raincoat Theatre Company production, directed by John Carty, Purgatory chronicles the decline and fall of a family through its two remaining members, a father and his 16 year old son, set outside the burnt remains of the former family home.

With Ciarán McCauley as the Old Man and Adam Rattigan as his son, the grounds of Hazelwood House, with the imposing period edifice as the backdrop, proved an ideal setting for this harrowing tale in which an old man kills his son in order to try and end a cycle of violence and violation.

Purgatory became the last play Yeats was to write.

The dramatic production was part of 'Tread Softly', a festival inspired by the Yeats brothers, which celebrated Sligo and the Yeats' place in our literary and cultural landscape. Running from July 19 - 29, Tread Softly included theatre, music, visual arts and street performances in venues and streets across Sligo town.

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