Saturday 7 December 2019

The benefits of taking part in drama

Elayne O'Hara has been part of Calry Drama since the very start.

With a background in drama, she studied performing arts in college before she went on to do her masters in drama therapy.

Elayne knows the benefits of working with a drama group.

She told The Sligo Champion: "I'm a youth worker so my job is quite stressful at times. I love going to rehearsals, sometimes we just laugh all evening. It's a form of self care.

"You get to be creative and it is escapism of sorts. You get to pretend to be someone else.

"Over the years we've played magical creatures and different people and there's a lot of variations. It's an escape from the mundane."

Her role with the drama group has taken on many forms, and Elayne wants to contribute in whatever way is possible.

"I've directed in the past, I directed a one act production. At times I've taken a back seat and worked backstage on some productions but I've always been involved. It is such a team effort. It's a real community thing. Sometimes it can be more stressful working backstage because even though you don't have any lines to learn you still have a lot to do."

For 'The Return of Dracula', she will be on stage, and she says everyone is excited to get the show going.

"I'm playing the part of Victoria the werewolf. We've had a short rehearsal period this time because it's a bit earlier than normal but we're all really excited."

Sligo Champion