Tuesday 15 October 2019

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The Slaters worry about the state of Jean’s health
The Slaters worry about the state of Jean’s health

Coronation Street. It's Seb's 18th birthday. Unaware that Eileen and Faye are planning a surprise party for him, he thinks everyone has forgotten. Pleased to see Sarah and Gary at loggerheads, he is thrilled when Sarah says she has a birthday surprise for him later.

Later, Sarah apologises to Gary for arguing and tells him to meet her at Number 8, where she has a surprise for him. Eager to get rid of Seb whilst she prepares the surprise party, Eileen tells Seb that Sarah is looking for him.

Seb calls at Number 8 to find the door open. He lets himself in and finds a note from Sarah which reads "In the bath, waiting for you!" Seb heads upstairs, unable to believe his luck.

Meanwhile, Geoff arrives at Number 6 with flowers for Yasmeen and his overnight bag. Yasmeen is clearly uncomfortable. Making excuses, she hurries out.

Elsewhere, Gemma makes herself at home at Number 5 and offers to do the shopping. Chesney returns home and fondly surveys the pile of dirty plates. Gemma is oblivious.

Also, Lolly talks Kate into ordering completely different flowers to the ones Rana wanted. When Lolly suggests they have a night on the town, Kate's all for it and Rana feels left out. Rana asks Imran if he'll walk her down the aisle at her wedding. Imran is touched.


As Stacey continues to worry about her mum, Kat gets Martin on board with a plan to get Jean's results. Kat pretends to be Jean at the surgery, but her scheming backfires.

Fortunately, Martin secretly wrote down Jean's notes and they consult Sonia about what they mean. Sonia's response is a shock for the Slaters.

Meanwhile, Whitney tries to get answers out of Tiffany, but can tell that she still isn't being entirely honest. At the same time, Keegan accepts that he needs help.

Later, Whitney visits the Taylors and thanks Karen for calling the police. The drama for Tiffany clearly isn't over when she meets up with Evie, who tries to manipulate her into thinking that her family don't love her.

Elsewhere, Mel sets her sights on Walford East as she needs cash.

Also, Stuart tries to help Bex with her studies.


Kerry, Jessie, Marlon and Paddy arrive in Belfast. Jessie is surprised when Kerry reluctantly reveals why she's come to Belfast - to find her daughter Amy. She opens up to Jessie over her.

As Marlon and Paddy search for Bear in a busy pub, things take a turn for the worse when the crowd mistake Paddy for a wrestler and drag him to the ring. As a stunned and protesting Paddy faces his terrifying opponent, Bear Wolf saves the day. Paddy runs, with Marlon and Bear close behind.

Later, Bear is stunned to see evidence that Paddy is his son.

Meanwhile, Billy and Ellis once again are at loggerheads, but this time over Tracy when one of them kisses her.

Fair City

Wayne questions the solidity of his marriage, Hughie assures Renee he would be happy to spend more time with Ellie, and Melanie is shocked by Paul's decision.

Sligo Champion