Wednesday 23 January 2019

Regional Festivals get €24,500 funding

Yeats Season in Sligo has been allocated the biggest amount of funding from Fáilte Ireland's Regional Festival and Participative Events Scheme 2018.

The Council is managing the allocations of €24,500 funding on behalf of Fáilte Ireland this year.

An Assessment Committee comprising of Councillors Seamus Kilgannon, Rosaleen O'Grady, Chris MacManus and Margaret Gormley approved 11 applications for funding on 19th April.

Yeats Season from June to August was allocated €4,700 and Cairde Festival was allocated €2,700.

The Wild Atlantic Sea Shanty, Sligo Jazz Project, Tread Softly, the Sligo International Choral Festival and Remembering the Armada will each receive €2,500.

South Sligo Summer School will receive ¤1,900, Cos Cos Sean Nos Festival €1,700 and €1,000 to Hagstravaganza, The White Hag Brewery.

The West of Ireland Golf Festival and St Aiden's National School in Ballintrillick were turned down for funding as their applications did not meet the criteria set.

Councillor Declan Bree asked why the Council members at last Monday's May Council meeting were only asked to "note the decision" of the Assessment Committee and not to approve the allocations.

Director of Services Dorothy Clarke said it was felt that the Assessment Committee "was seen as the approver" and the festivals had already been notified.

"Who decided that this sub-committee would approve them?" asked Cllr Bree. Ms Clarke said that decision was taken at their April meeting.

Cllr Bree said he didn't like being taken for granted and wasn't elected to "rubber stamp things." It was agreed that if the Council was asked by Fáilte Ireland to manage the same fund next year, the full Council would get to approve.

Sligo Champion