Monday 20 November 2017

Record Room stocks up to meet demand

Aidan Mannion of the Record Room
Aidan Mannion of the Record Room

"It's a balancing act between having stuff and not having it.

"But we are going on the basis we are going to do business."

That's the approach to the Fleadh of Sligo city-centre music shop, The Record Room.

And for Aidan Mannion, it's all about having what musicians and music lovers will want and need.

And none is as important as the basics, even things as simple as strings for instruments.

He said: "We are gearing up with musical instruments, bodhrans, whistles, guitars, guitar strings, the whole gambit of instruments.

"The main thing is have supplies of things like strings for the musicians who are here.

"This is a big time for us in terms of having the right stuff.

"We also probably have the biggest selection of traditional Irish CDs in the country.

"We have thousands of titles."

The Record Room is also marking the Fleadh in a special, and very appropriate way.

It will have two special album releases during the fleadh on its own record label called Sound Records.

One is a triple CD of Seamus Tansey, the renowned Sligo flute player.

Entitled "The Phantom Shadows of a Connacht Fire Light", it will feature Seamus playing and talking about the music that has been his life.

Aidan added: "We are also bringing out an album called "A Sligo Session."

"It's a compilation of tunes that would be heard at a session in Sligo town or county."

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