Wednesday 20 March 2019

Realising a life long dream - together

Jessica Farry

A Sligo couple have fulfilled their life long ambition by releasing an album after years of singing together in pubs.

Mary Rose and Enda have spent almost two decades performing together locally. Creating an album was always something they wanted to the do.

But, the time was never right, or so it seemed.

Thanks to a generous gift from Mary Rose's four sons, Shane, Stephen, Mark and Christopher, the opportunity arose.

She told The Sligo Champion: "The boys got together and got us a voucher to go into the recording studio to record the CD, as a present.

"We recorded it in New World Studio in Longford. They were just brilliant, they really put us at ease.

"Paul Gurney was great to work with. I was very nervous going in but they totally relaxed us."

Mary Rose explained the album, aptly named 'Never Give Up on Your Dream.

"It's our first album. It was always our ambition, well at least it was mine, to put together an album. I could never afford it, never had the time with raising children. There was always something else.

"We'd be singing in pubs and there would always be people coming over to us asking us if we had a CD or anything."

The pair are well accustomed to playing locally, as they regularly feature in pubs in Mayo, Leitrim, and Sligo.

"We picked 12 songs that we sing regularly when we're playing in pubs. It took four half days," she said.

Enda added: "We tried to pick out songs that aren't over-recorded. People say 'I thought ye were giving up the music, now ye're back bigger than ever'.

"We're not really back bigger than ever, all we're doing is releasing an album.

"We gave it up in 2016 and we thought we'd never play again. But now we're back with an album. It's not a career relaunch or anything like that."

Working together might not work for a lot of couples, but for Mary Rose and Enda it works perfectly.

Enda explained: "I used to do a one man band but it's great having Mary Rose with me, it's totally different."

Mary Rose said: "It's a great help having Enda beside me. We sing a lot of duets together and a lot of people really like hearing them."

They have organised a big launch night this Thursday, February 21st at the Coach House Hotel, Ballymote.

Special guests on the night include Patrick Feeney, Gerry Guthrie, Paul Kelly, Stuart Moyles and more.

Admission is €10 and doors open at 8pm.

Mary Rose added: "We're having a big launch night, Shane has got all the top acts to come and play at it. It's a big night in Ballymote.

"We just hope that everyone has a good night, that's all we want.

"We met Philomena Begley years ago and she advised us to do an album and to pick out songs that we sing regularly. We put a Leitrim song and a Sligo song on it because I'm originally from Leitrim."

Mary added: "Thanks to Stephen, Chris, Shane and Mark for giving us the chance to fulfil our lifetime ambition.

"We're looking forward to the evening so much and we just want to thank all the acts who are coming, we appreciate the support from everyone."

Sligo Champion