Tuesday 23 January 2018

Pubs' measures for lack of loos

Fergal Harrison of Fiddler’s Creek
Fergal Harrison of Fiddler’s Creek

Emma Gallagher

There are some factors that publicans and business owners are anxious about ahead of the Fleadh.

Such as sewerage systems.

Fergal Harrison, of Fiddler's Creek, said that the pub has brought in extra water systems.

"We had to increase our water tanks.

"The sewerage system is a major factor, considering the volume of people that are coming.

"It is a worry.

"There are no public toilets in town, so people will have to use the likes of pubs and restaurants.

"I hope that the county council will be emptying out the sewerage systems as it is a major factor," he added.

Having the Fleadh come to Sligo is not without a price for publicans either.

"There is a lot of cost, we had to get extra bars made and get extra staff to come in.

"Then training them up to a level that they are quick enough during the Fleadh is very difficult."

Fergal said that there are hidden costs too.

"We had to pay €3,500 to the Fleadh committee, that is a lot.

"We would have to make €12,000 to get that, which means that the Friday night could be gone."

He said that policing too will be a major factor during the event.

"Hopefully loads of people won't be drinking cans on the street or around Rockwood Parade.

"The Fleadh will have to be policed properly."

Fergal was not in business when the last Fleadh was in Sligo.

"Fiddlers is open 19 years.

"Very few of us were in business the last time.

"We hope that we can cater for it properly.

"It will be really, really busy.

"I have done research and was in contact with people in Tullamore and Cavan and they told me the way to go.

"We had to take a look at our menus, people will be wanting food quick enough.

"On a busy Saturday night we have eight staff on, we're bringing in 20 for the Fleadh.

"We have to see it as running a big concert in the O2."

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