Monday 19 February 2018

Pick some poetry off the iconic Yeats statue

The iconic WB Yeats statue will get an artistic treatment ahead of June 13th.

Roberta Murray and Kian Benson-Bailes are behind the creation, which will be unveiled at 11.30am.

Roberta said: "The statue of WB Yeats is a work on art in its own right and when we were devising the installation we wanted somehow to take account of that.

"And of course, it's an iconic statue in Sligo."

Kian added: "We came up with the idea of wrapping the statue in string and please don't worry as it won't harm the statue.

"Then we will attach verses of Yeats' poetry to the string, effectively covering the statue with poetry.

"We hope then as the day progresses that people will take away and keep pieces of Yeats' poetry and of course at the same time reveal the original statue."

Yeats' son, Michael, unveiled the bronze statue in 1989 to commemorate the 50th anniversary of his death.

This is the third time there has been an installation on Yeats Day.

Senator Susan O' Keeffe is sponsoring the project this year.

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