Wednesday 24 October 2018

'Music brings us together'

At Nazareth House, residents and friends gather each week to enjoy Shailagh Healy's music sessions, playing old favourites and classics.

The participants of the session look forward to meeting each week. They say music unites them all each week.

Reverend Gerard Dolan, a participant of the class, told The Sligo Champion: "It's always a pleasant weekly event. There is a great sense of friendship and camaraderie. Music appeals to everyone, and we have a great mix here with old time songs. It's very pleasant. We enjoy this occasion. Music unites us all."

As the singing session begins, the room is full of smiling faces and loud singing. Everybody takes part. And everybody loves it. Goretti Duffy said: "You don't have to be able to walk or anything. It's just about singing. Everybody leaves here very happy. You're singing when you leave."

Sister Bernadine Hannan said the class allows everyone to feel young again: -"It's a great excuse to continue being children. We always say we're forever young. We look forward to it every week."

For John Connor, singing songs such as 'Down by the Salley Gardens' brings back memories of Sligo GAA - emotional memories.

Sligo Champion