Monday 23 September 2019

Molly flew Sligo flag in Tralee

Despite no Sligo Rose at this year's Rose of Tralee, Yeats County was still very much represented with Washington Rose, Molly Eastman shining bright on stage.

No stranger to Sligo, Molly spent many childhood holidays in her mother Annette's native home of Gurteen.

Taking to the stage in a powder blue gown, Molly didn't waste any time stoking rivalries in the Dome ahead of last Sunday's All Ireland Senior Football Final by shouting 'Up the Dub's.

However, she quickly added that she should have said 'Up Sligo' in a nod to her mother's home.

Granddaughter of Gerry and the late Kathleen Pilkington, Molly captured the audience's attention by reciting a poem her great grandfather Patrick Pilkington penned.

She explained that in the 1900s her geat grandfather had a horse and buggy and would drive a lot of Irish families to Kilfree junction, the furthest train station stop that would bring people to Dublin who would then make their way to America.

She noted, "He was often the last familiar face that they saw before they left Ireland forever," before she recited the poem, entitled, 'My charming sweet Kilfree'.

Molly, who works as a health policy staff member at the office of Republican Senator Mike Crapo, told presenter Dáithí Ó Sé that eventually she would like to study nursing at NUI Galway.

Asked what she thinks of the current administration, the Washington Rose said she respects the office of the president.

"Donald Trump is my president and a lot of people have varying opinons on that but I think with any presidential administration it's reflective of the state of our politics and our society, good and bad."

Pushed by Ó'Sé on whether she believes Trump would get in to office for a second term, Molly said: "Honestly, it's fair game. We don't even have a Democrat up for the primary at the moment, we're still going through the early parts of the race.

"Just look at the last election, anything can happen."

From Jackson Hole, Wyoming, Molly told Dáithí how her father John, from Illinois, met her mother Annette on a bus in New York.

"He didn't get off the bus, he waited till she got off the bus, he missed his stop and chased her down and said 'I don't do this, I promise I'm not a weirdo, could I get your number'," Molly told the crowd.

In a nod to her mother's home, Molly was sporting some fashion from local Sligo fashion retailers throughout her Rose experience.

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