Sunday 25 March 2018

Koa Egan celebrates birthday

Emma Gallagher

KOA EGAN celebrated his second birthday in style, with two parties in Sligo and London.

He celebrated with his dad, 'king of the jungle' Kian Egan, and mum Jodi Albert on Friday.

Koa has been calling Kian, 'daddy jungle' since the pair were reunited after the tv series, and has received gifts of toy koala bears and crocodiles.

At his London party with mum Jodi's family he blew out two candles on a small birthday cake and received a picture book with wallabies and kangaroos and other Australian animals.

They had another party in Sligo with Kian's family and friends.

Kian said: "We're telling him about the animals I met in Australia.

"I'm so looking forward to celebrating with Koa.

"I owe him so much time.

"We were able to bring him to Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park the other day but, apart from rolling around with him on the rug at home, I have been so busy since my return from the jungle that I really am looking forward to his birthday and Christmas with him."

Last Wednesday, Kian set out from their home an hour from London for a mind-blowing round of engagements which included 18 radio interviews, lunch-time meetings and 10 "face-to-face" interviews with magazine writers.

Since winning "I'm a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here", he has done up to 70 interviews, mainly on television.

He appeared on the last ever 'Who Wants to be a Millionaire' live show on Thursday night.

A future as a UK television presenter seems a certainty after "tons of stuff" has been offered to him.

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