Friday 24 November 2017

Kian back to 'Voice' duties

King of the Jungle Kian with Matt Cardle.
King of the Jungle Kian with Matt Cardle.

The King of the Jungle returned to his duties as coach on The Voice of Ireland at the weekend.

Kian Egan was back in his judge's chair as filming began for the third season of the RTE show.

The Sligo man had little time to spare since returning from his spell in the jungle.

The 33 year old was due to appear on The Late Late Show on Friday evening but decided to reschedule.

He told fans on his Twitter page that he wanted to spend more quality time with his little boy, Koa.

There was speculation that he had 'snubbed' the Saturday Night Show, after Montrose bosses said on Twitter that he refused after he signed a deal with Hello magazine.

Kian later said: "Not a nice story today about me cancelling the Saturday night show in Ireland.

"I was never booked on the Saturday night show."

Kian revealed that he wants another child in his interview with the UK magazine.

He said: "Being away from my family made me look at our lives.

"I was on top of the world and the only other time I'd felt like this was when we had Koa.

"I'd love a mini Jodi.

"I'm so lucky to have her and Koa and if we can give him another brother or sister, why wait?"

He admitted that his three weeks on the ITV show had been a 'life changing' experience.

Kian said: "It taught me to take nothing for granted.

"Just to be able to walk past a shop and buy a bar of chocolate feels fantastic to me now.

"When you're stripped of all the resources we have at our fingertips and forced to live on a small portion of rice and beans each day it changes your outlook, makes you think."

Kian joined fellow judges Bressie, Jamelia and Dolores O' Riordan for the new season of the singing competition.

He posted a picture with 'buddy' Matt Cardle, the former X Factor winner as filming began in The Helix in Dublin.

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