Thursday 20 June 2019

Icons of Irish music with an enduring popularity amongst all

A special celebration for a special group of people was how County Council Cathaoirleach Martin Baker described Sligo traditional music band, Dervish at a reception held in their honour at County Hall to mark 30 years in the business.

"For a group that earned international profile and acclaim, they remained firmly rooted in their local community, with their success a great source of pride for the people of Sligo and their roots are firmly embedded in Sligo - as shown from the title of their first album 'Harmony Hill' in 1993," said Cllr Baker. He added: "Jack B Yeats said of his work that everything he did had something of Sligo in it - I would suggest the same could be said of Dervish."

He said Sustained success at this level was rare and wonderful and that it required more than extraordinary talent and a burning ambition. It was founded on a collective commitment to the highest standards in everything they did.

"These standards were never compromised as they produced albums of outstanding quality. Highlights of an outstanding career are probably too numerous to mention, including representing Ireland at the Eurovision Song contest in 2007 .

"Sligo is regarded across the world for its musical achievements across all traditions, and for 30 years Dervish have been exemplary ambassadors for Sligo wherever their music has taken them. Their enduring popularity embraces all age groups, with life-long admirers joined by a new generation of enthusiastic followers.

"It is to their great credit that to this day they show the same enthusiasm and passion for their craft, and any music follower knows that a night in the company of Dervish is a night to remember. Individual talent honed into collective excellence, Dervish are regarded and welcomed all over the world, and this is shown by the repeat visits to many venues. BBC described Dervish as 'an icon of Irish music'. They are very much at the pinnacle of their careers, and their focus is on the future rather than reflecting on a glorious past, with a major concert planned in London in September.

"We will continue to follow your progress, continue to appreciate your national and international profile, and will remain proud of what you are doing for Sligo and this region. Your continuing success will attract a new generation of followers,

and on behalf of this Council and the people of Sligo, I commend you on your outstanding achievements over a glorious career," said Cllr Baker.

Dervish was awarded the Freedom of Sligo in 2004 at City Hall.

Sligo Champion