Thursday 20 June 2019

Hoping to make Yeats Day go viral!

The social media world is set to be blitzed from Sligo with some of Ireland's greatest poetry and literature on June 13th, Yeats Day, the Birthday of W B Yeats

The Yeats Society is aiming to send Yeats and Sligo viral with a highly innovative Yeats Day Challenge to everyone at home and abroad.

The aim is for members of the public on or before Yeats Day, June 13th to video themselves, family, friends, work colleagues on smart phones reading a few short lines from any poem by W B Yeats.

People are advised to keep it short (a few favourite lines or a short poem by Yeats so it will upload quickly).

Then, on Yeats Day June 13th to post the clips to any and all social media platforms of choice with a #YeatsDaySligo tag.

The public is also advised to make sure to like and share any posts they see on Yeats Day with #YeatsDaySligo.

The Yeats Society hope the idea will take root and people will engage with it imaginatively, adventuring into the great outdoors, at work, in schools and clubs, coffee shops, amongst family and friends, that it will strike a chord for a genuine communal sharing of poetry and the arts.

Yeats Day, the brainchild of Yeats Society Director Susan O'Keeffe is now in its 6th year having been launched as part of the international Yeats2015 celebration. Alongside the annual programme of readings, street and cultural celebrations in Sligo it's the intention of the Society that #YeatsDaySligo will unify people, including the wider Irish diaspora, and lovers of Yeats Poetry the world over, in an on-line communal celebration and expression of some of Irelands greatest poetry.

The message is for every one young and old alike, at home and away, to join in the celebration of Sligo and the wonderful poetry of W B Yeats, to make #YeatsDaySligo a genuine cultural celebration of poetry, of Ireland's culture and literature on June 13th.

Sligo Champion