Sunday 16 June 2019

Fionn (9) wows on 'Greatest Dancer'

Fionn wowed the judges and audience on BBC dance show

Jessica Farry

A young Cartron boy was the talk of the town this weekend as he starred on the latest episode of the BBC show 'The Greatest Dancer'.

Fionn McMorrow, aged 9 and from Cartron, received huge praise for his performance on the show from the judges and members of the public alike.

His ballet performance was broadcast on BBC on Saturday evening, having been recorded back in July 2018.

'The Greatest Dancer' is in its first ever series on BBC. Dancers perform behind a mirror and if 75% of the audience like the performance then the mirrors open and the dancer is on stage in front of the audience.

The audience voted overwhelmingly in favour of Fionn.

The Captains, in other words judges on the show, are Cheryl, Glee star Matthew Morrison and professional ballroom dancer Oti Mabuse.

After Fionn's performance, Matthew said: "I must have heard that wrong. Nine (years of age)? It was so astounding. All your moves, your extensions, your bends. It was a great, great performance.

Cheryl said: "You made it look so effortless but we know the moves you were doing were so technical and hard. That takes a lot of practice and a lot of dedication. It's natural to you. It was breathtaking."

Oti told Fionn: "When the mirrors were closed you were just dancing but when they opened up you brought up the emotion and I was in your performance then. You blew me away."

Fionn's Mum, Noelle, said they are still trying to take it all in.

She told The Sligo Champion: "It was amazing. He takes it all in his stride though. It's just mad. They gave him great coverage and they really made a big deal out of him."

The family travelled to England last summer to film the performance after Fionn's tapes were sent on.

There was no guarantee that his performance would even be shown on television.

"There was a possibility that it wouldn't even have been shown on television. There was thousands and thousands of applicants.

"There was auditions all over the place for the show but when I sent Fionn's clip in they brought him straight over to Birmingham and I filmed that interview as well for the show so we were over and back a bit for the show," Noelle added.

There was a long wait for Fionn and his family to actually get to see the footage of his performance, but they are thrilled with how it all came out.

"Fionn was just over the moon. He said he had a pain in his belly waiting to see the show. I'm delighted with how it all went for him."

He dances with the Lisa Cooper Dance Academy having joined when his sisters started going.

Fionn was only six when he joined the dance academy and at the time was the only boy there.

Sligo Champion