Saturday 25 May 2019

Drama is alive and well in the community of Tubbercurry

The curtain fell last Saturday night on the Phoenix Players' production of 'The Sound of Music'.

The show concluded on Saturday night after seven nights of superb entertainment, watched by packed houses, with crowds enjoying the show so much that the cast and crew received a standing ovation each night. As people exited the hall each night you could hear a selection of comments 'enthralling', 'mesmerising', 'fulfilling', 'breathtaking' and more.

The show was produced by the one and only Tom Walsh who is renowned for his 'big shows'. In the previews for the show, people were advised that there were musicals and then there's a 'Tom Walsh musical'. 'The Sound of Music' was no exception.

A cast of 92 on stage with a back stage crew and front of house crew of 50 additional people were involved in the production. The cast were aged from 6 to 86 and included seasoned actors, debutantes, and people who have been involved in every Tom Walsh production since his first big show in 1989.

The last four nights of the show were completely sold out. The performances of the cast were superb, in particular the two lead roles with Francis Brennan playing 'Captain Von Trapp' and Kren McKim playing 'Maria. They were ably supported by a fine ensemble cast.

If anyone needed proof that community spirit is alive and well in Tubbercurry all they had to do was attend St. Brigid's Hall last week.

In expressing thanks to everybody involved in the production at the finale, Eamonn Gallagher, Chairman of The Phoenix Players, said: "Actors are put in the privileged position where they can create a bit of magic on stage and the patrons who attended St. Brigid's Hall for the previous seven nights saw magic." He also told the cast and crew that their performances brought a tear to his eye, a smile to the face and joy to heart.

Tom Walsh summed up his feelings, making reference to a line from the play saying he was 'pleased and proud'.

Drama is alive and well in the community of Tubbercurry, but perhaps much more importantly the community of Tubbercurry is also alive, wel and blossoming.

Sligo Champion