Thursday 15 November 2018


Dave Kenny who is fronting a new travel series that features Sligo which will be aired in October
Dave Kenny who is fronting a new travel series that features Sligo which will be aired in October

Emma Gallagher

Author, broadcaster and journalist Dave Kenny visited Sligo recently as part of his new travel series.

He told the Sligo Champion that he wanted to leave his comforting surroundings of Dalkey to experience life along the Wild Atlantic Way.

He explained; "I've been in a sort of bubble here in Dalkey so the series is more of an endurance test really. I'm scared of heights and the first thing they did was throw me off a cliff in was terrifying!"

During his time in Sligo, he got to visit his mother's former home.

"My mum, Grainne Kenny, is the last private resident of Clogherevagh or St Angela's.

"The college was the old house of my grandad, Stephen Derham.

"People in the town might remember him, he was a solicitor.

"He started in the Sligo Champion as a reporter actually and went into law. He bought Clogherevagh during the war years.

"Mum was telling me many stories of growing up there, particularly of an American B-50 bomber crashing into Lough Gill."

He added: "Yeats used to also come to the house, that was before her time there. The funny thing was that my dad's family were involved with founding the Abbey Theatre and of course Yeats was heavily involved there."

Dave said that he felt emotional going around St Angela's grounds, knowing his family links to the place.

He added: "Yes, it was emotional for me. It is very much a campus now although there are still large parts unchanged. My mum pointed out where her dad's initials were on some old panelling."

Dave was also here for the Fleadh and he spent time wandering around the busy city streets savouring the atmosphere.

He said: "I came across a young lad playing the harp on the street, it was the same size as him!

"He was phenomenal.

Dave explained that the idea behind the programme was to go around and get immersed in Irish communities, bumping into random, ordinary people.

"Being out on the road is pretty phenomenal, it is so enjoyable.

"We are planning on doing a wrap at the end of August."

Kenny Wild will be aired in October on Irish TV, channel 191 on Sky."

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