Thursday 18 July 2019

Comedy duo come to town

Ciara Galvin

According to the comedy duo The 2 Johnnies, they snubbed offers to open their new show 'Get Loose' in Las Vegas, in favour of entertaining the masses in Sligo.

Swapping the Vegas strip for the surf of Sligo next month, the Tipperary men, Johnnie B (O'Brien) and Johnnie Smack (McMahon) spoke to The Sligo Champion ahead of their opening show on February 1st next.

"We're hanging in there the two of us, just about," quipped Johnnie B.

The podcast sensations who have been at the top of the podcast charts for 47 weeks in a row are currently putting the finishing touches to the show, and Johnnie B said it promises to be 'amazing'.

"It's going to be a crazy spectacle for the eyes, we'll have everything from fundraising ideas to a big finale that we don't want to give away, but it's going to be magic."

"They offered us Las Vegas for the start of the tour but we said no, we want to come to Sligo," said Johnnie Smack, with a laugh.

Asked what the Sligo audience can expect in The Radisson Blu Hotel next month, Johnnie Smack said 'the best aspects'.

"People are coming to see The 2 Johnnies for a good night, some people have tickets and are wondering is it a live podcast, music, what is it? It's a mix of standup comedy, sketches, funny songs they've never heard before and some of their favourite songs. It's the best aspects from our videos, podcast and songs."

Having played shows in the UAE, America and the UK, the lads are no strangers to eclectic crowds. But what has it been like playing around the world?

"We're just delighted to be getting out of Tipperary to be honest, everything else is a bonus," joked Johnnie B.

He added that though the majority of audiences are the Irish abroad, it was surreal to hear thick Boston accents singing their songs at one show.

"It's great, there's so many Irish people out in these places. We went to Boston and we had proper American 22 and 23 year olds singing our songs back to us."

Though citing a live Whelan's gig in Dublin as their highlight from last year, the comedians still enjoy the smaller, perhaps more obscure locations for shows.

"I enjoyed Baltinglass in Wicklow, Manorhamilton, Thurles and 'Ballylan' below in Limerick, 500 people bet into a community hall, give me that over the UAE any day. We can't wait to get to Sligo," admitted Johnnie Smack.

And will the funny men spend some time getting to soak up the sites and sounds of Sligo next month?

"It's so far we'll probably have to come up the day before," said Johnnie B, adding that surfing could be on the agenda.

Tickets for next month's Sligo show are available through Ticketmaster.

Sligo Champion