Tuesday 21 May 2019

Boomtown Rats ready to rock Sligo

Sorcha Crowley

If being an 'historical artefact' is like being one of the Rolling Stones - Boomtown Rats guitarist Garry Roberts will take it thank you very much.

"People like the Rolling Stones get slagged for being old but there's nothing they can do about it. It's like being an historical artefact - I'd like to be their kind of historical artefact," Garry tells The Sligo Champion from his home in Herefordshire.

The legendary rockers are due to headline Sligo Live in the Knocknarea Arena on Saturday 27th October.

Garry claims singer Sting once said, "keep doing it as long as you want to do it," and that's exactly what he and his fellow band members plan to do.

"I absolutely love it, yes I do. We travel all over the place," he said.

"I just love being on stage and blasting away and looking at the crowd having fun.

"It's all about having fun, that's my message," he said.

The 'Rats will be playing mostly music from their first three albums when they take to the stage in Sligo this Halloween weekend.

Fans can look forward to all the old favourites then. The only new song they sing is an encore song called 'Boomtown Rats', "just to remind them who they've seen."

The group have a new album coming out next Spring, which Garry laughs, they're "not going to inflict on people" just yet. "Bob comes up with the ideas and Pete works away on arranging. I just bought a big Mac and Logic music software so I hope to get more involved in that," he said.

This will be their first time to play in Sligo, something they're "very much looking forward to."

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