Friday 24 November 2017

Bat drops by on the Champion

The bat after it was rescued by Conor Gallagher, 10
The bat after it was rescued by Conor Gallagher, 10

It wasn't quite like Meatloaf's Like a Bat Outta Hell but one of the tiny creatures came out of somewhere in the middle of the day in the centre of Sligo last week.

During the mini heatwave, a tiny bat was discovered on the footpath outside the offices of The Sligo Champion by youngster Conor Gallagher.

The 10-year-old realised that the bat, pictured, less than two inches long, was suffering with the high temperatures and immediately brought him inside.

Bat Conservation Ireland was contacted and said the little creature was under stress and should be hibernating as it was daytime.

The bat was placed in a box in a cool room and later that night, placed high up on a barn roof, from where he later departed.

An injured swan was also found last week by a local garda.

Sligo Animal Rescue named the swan Niamh, which after being assessed, luckily didn't have any broken bones.

The vet put her on anti-inflammatory treatment for nerve damage to her spine.

Claire, the garda that found the animal, also drove the swan to the Kildare Animal Foundation Wildlife Unit for further treatment.

Sligo Champion

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