Friday 23 March 2018

And here is your host...

Having two spare rooms and a teenager away for the summer spurred a local mother to become a host family for the Fleadh.

It is the first time that Pauline McLoughlin is acting as a host family.

She said: "We knew that the Fleadh organisers were looking for extra accommodation, and as we had two spare rooms, we decided to be a host family.

"We will be renting the rooms as B&B. It is new territory I guess," said the mother of three.

Pauline added: "I have three teenagers and one has gone away for the summer.

"The others will be helping out when they can.

"I have some friends who are also doing the same.

"Our rooms are booked out already."

Pauline, who lives on the Strandhill Road, said that her guests include a Canadian mother and daughter.

"I'm not fully sure whether they are coming as competitors or as visitors to the Fleadh.

"They were at another festival and decided to come to Sligo for the early part of the Fleadh.

"We also have people staying with us from Donegal and Monaghan."

She said that although she has not been a host before, she is looking forward to it.

"Lots of people come to our home.

"We're not acting as a B&B, we will be more casual.

"I'm hoping that it all works out for them and for us.

"I don't really have any worries as such.

"I will see how this year goes before deciding whether to do it again next year," Pauline said.

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