Friday 20 April 2018

Amateur drama 'brings people together'

Committee members have been working hard over the last number of weeks to make the Drama Festival a special event to remember.

The community and business people of Tubbercurry have welcomed the Drama groups with open arms and it is easy to see why people call the town 'the home of drama.'

Joe Mc Carrick, Director of the Open Finals in Athlone commended the hard work of the volunteers and committee members involved for a successful opening night and believes more support needs to given to Amateur Drama Festivals.

"Amateur drama is the flesh and blood of the community up and down the country especially in rural communities. It gives people that connection and it brings them together in a wonderful space for a wonderful activity.

"A lot of the groups are community based, it is all voluntary and everyone gets stuck in. Spreading the job for people that are watching them and I think it speaks volumes.

"I just love and hope it is supported by theatre boards and people.

"It certainly needs a major look at by the state agencies to invest in it, to nurture it and to keep it alive."

Anne O'Reilly, Treasurer of the Amateur Drama Council of Ireland also believes Drama deserves more recognition.

"It is wonderful to come in and see so many people you know, wonderful genre of drama. I think it is one of the best things in this country, it is not recognised enough for the amount of voluntary work and effort put into it and for the amount of entertainment it provides throughout the country," she said.

Sligo Champion