Tuesday 14 August 2018

Councillors want smart travel scheme extended to Ballymote and Tubber

Councillors in the Ballymote/Tubbercurry Municipal District say they are keen for the Smarter Travel Scheme to be extended to both Ballymote and Tubbercurry along with Sligo town.

Sligo County Council was awarded €500,000 through the Active Travel Towns competition in 2014. This funding was to continue to implement the five year Walking and Cycling strategy under the Active Travel Towns initiative for Sligo town started in 2012.

The scheme, due to commence construction in April 2016, involves the provision of of a two-way segregated cycle track from the N4 Inner Relief Road junction to the Finisklin Industrial Estate.

Councillor Dara Mulvey raised the issue at last Thursday's special meeting of Ballymote/Tubbercurry Municipal meeting.

Cllr Mulvey asked the council why the towns in South Sligo had not been invited to take part in the scheme.

"How come the town can get money for the cycling track but rural areas have not been invited to the Smarter Travel Scheme?"

Cllr. Keith Henry also agreed that the scheme could be beneficial to people in both of these areas.

"There are plenty of opportunities in Ballymote and Tubbercurry for this kind of scheme.

"There are long enough stretches of road for cycleways and walkways," he said.

Tom Brennan, Senior Engineer with Sligo County Council said the scheme was aimed at large towns.

"The scheme was rolled out by the Department of Transport. It's for large towns where people live and work.

"These people might drive two or three miles to work so they might cycle now instead.

"In rural areas you're looking at greenways and things like that."

Sligo Champion