Monday 23 September 2019

Collooney odour to be gone after plant upgrade

A foul smelling odour in Collooney could be a thing of the past after Irish Water completes an upgrade of the local wastewater treatment plant.

News of the works have been conveyed to councillor Thomas Walsh who says: "There has been a longstanding problem with foul odour emanating from the wastewater treatment plant in Collooney.

"The smell is particularly strong around the N4 side of the town but can affect large areas at times.

"I have been lobbying Irish Water on this issue for years now. Collooney is a rapidly growing urban centre with an ever increasing population and the old plant is just not fit for purpose anymore.

"Irish Water has agreed to include the Collooney plant in the Irish Water Investment Programme, these works will increase the capacity of the plant to meet current and future demands and will also be an environmental improvement in the quality of the treatment process.

The works are due to commence this month and should finish by September 2020. These works will be very welcome in that they will help in the future development of Collooney, will eliminate the foul odour and will be better for the adjacent Owenmore River," said Cllr Healy.

Sligo Champion