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Sligo Credit Union makes a pitch in wake of banking woes


Sligo Credit Union, Wine Street.

Sligo Credit Union, Wine Street.

Sligo Credit Union, Wine Street.


Banking in Ireland is undergoing fundamental change and given the continued withdrawal of banking services from local communities it’s now more important than ever to let people know that Sligo Credit Union is here to support its members and the community.

Shona Heffernan, Sligo Credit Union said: “Credit unions, as member-owned, community based, not-for profit financial institutions are ideally positioned to support communities and to play an enhanced role in providing a wider range of services and supports to consumers and SMEs throughout Ireland. Here at Sligo Credit Union, we have a clear understanding of the importance of retaining our ‘face-to-face’ engagement and in delivering the unrivalled member service which we are famous for.”

Shona continued, “We are continually tailoring our services and products to the needs of our members and are focused at bringing additional services and supports to our members in the community. In 2021, we rolled out the MYCU Debit Card and Current Account, since then over one thousand accounts have been opened and cards issued in the locality. However, for credit unions across the country to be able to bring additional services on-board for members, credit unions need a level playing field and a more flexible, enabling legislative and regulatory framework”.

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“Credit unions’ have an essential role in Ireland’s socioeconomic fabric that must not only be protected but unleashed to its fullest potential. Credit unions are synonymous with empathy, integrity, and champion personal service. So you know you are in good hands with Sligo Credit Union. We stand ready to play our part for our members and the local community.”