Government cannot ignore Knock Airport

Sligo Champion


Ireland West is Ireland's fourth international airport and the main international air access gateway for the West, North West and Midlands regions of Ireland. It is a vital piece of infrastructure for the social and economical benefit of those living working and holidaying in the region and as such should be supported and promoted by all of us.

The staff of Connaught Airport Development Company Ltd are doing a great job in providing us with an airport that we should be so proud of, and we are so fortunate to have it on our doorsteps.

However, this airport deserves much more support from the Government.

We must ensure that a level playing field approach applies in the treatment of state owned airports. Shannon airport recently received €300million from our Government. The Government must play its part in a fairer allocation of resources to Ireland West Airport.

Maybe we can all play our part here by lobbying our local politicians to ensure that this does indeed happen.

Miriam Hennessy,




Eamonn O'Hara appeared on The Sunday Game on May 19th and was told he looked and dressed like a man going to a wedding.

The following Sunday, he sounded like a man going to a funeral.

Eamonn's comments were disrespectful to the Sligo manager and Sligo players.

He used his position as an analyst to undermine the current Sligo manager in a very public way, without the right of reply.

As a player, Eamonn O'Hara was a good and dedicated player – if he felt so bad about Sligo football, why did he not express this before?

Eamonn did Sligo football no good by his very public outburst.

If he tried to cement his position on The Sunday Game by being controversial, then the first lesson is not to dump on your own doorstep.

Eamonn, it takes a big man to apologise.

You now have an opportunity on next Sunday's programme to prove to all, can you say, sorry.

Lorcan Cribbin,



Dear Madam,

More than 2,300 pledges have been collected in this area by 'Unite for Life Sligo-Leitrim'.

These voters have pledged to support in the next election, those politicians who oppose and vote against abortion legislation.

The recently published Bill is unjust to women, unjust to our unborn children and unjust to the people of Ireland.

We have walked the streets and talked to the people in the towns and villages of Sligo and Leitrim.

The people of this area want the right to life of the unborn child to be protected and they want their voices to be heard.

On their behalf, we again appeal to our public representatives to speak out boldly against the proposed abortion legislation and to state their intention to vote against it.

We for our part undertake to support those politicians who have the moral courage to stand up for our deeply held convictions.

Yours faithfully,

Eamon Fitzpatrick,

Strandhill Road, Sligo.

PRO Unite for Life Sligo-Leitrim.



The May meeting of Leitrim County Council was an eye-opener.

It was all sweetness among members but not much light.

It looked to me to be a well-rehearsed piece of drama.

Seemingly, with the willing consent of the other 21 Cllrs, the Cathaoirleach ploughed on at a fast rate and frequently batted aside awkward reports, declaring that they could be dealt with by Special Policy Committees.

There were no real questions and, for all the information released, one might as well have been at a meeting of the KGB.

In short, it was an empty showcase of democracy in action.

Independent Cllr Gerry Dolan, from Drumshanbo, was the only one I noticed who took a proper stand and had a motion to ban fracking on the agenda.

I was not surprised to find that this most serious motion had been moved down the agenda to second last.

This ensured it would never be reached – and it looks as if it will not feature until the September meeting.

That will be too late.

Again, democracy is being frustrated by party political gamesmanship.

What action is there, in Leitrim, to create jobs and to save our young people from emigration?

Party people should have the grace to make way for more honest Independents who will easily do a much better job.

Our Co Council, and the Dáil, too, need big reform.


Des Guckian,


Co Leitrim.



On Monday evening last, I was waiting in the line of parishioners at the front of St. Anne's Church where His Excellency, the Papal Nuncio Archbishop Charles Brown, was extending the hand of friendship to all as they left the church.

As I waited, I observed a senior priest step forward to greet His Excellency.

They shook hands and commenced conversation.

I could see tears of happiness in the senior priest's eyes.

Did anybody capture this moment?

Mary McGrath,

Burma Road,