Wednesday 13 December 2017

Soccer results and fixtures

Michael Moloney of Moloney Window Systems presenting new jerseys for the Raheen FC 'B' team to club Chairman James Furlong.
Michael Moloney of Moloney Window Systems presenting new jerseys for the Raheen FC 'B' team to club Chairman James Furlong.

ADULT RESULTS - F.A.I. Junior Cup sixth round: North End United 1, Huntstown/Hartstown FC 0.

L.F.A. Junior Shield fifth round: Fordrew Rovers 6, Boolavogue 3.

L.F.A. Junior Shield fourth round: Moyne Rangers 4, Clara Town 1.

Gwyn Jones Cup preliminary round: Curracloe United B 4, Ajax Athletic B 2; Raheen FC B 5, Moyne Rangers C 4; Oylegate B 5, Enniscorthy United C 6; Rosbercon B 6, Wexford Bohs C 2; St. Cormac's B 1, North End C 4.

Gwyn Jones Cup first round: Rosbercon 8, Caim United B 1; St. Joseph's B 5, Shelburne B 2; Forth Celtic C 3, Corach Ramblers B 4; Bridge Rovers B 4, Stoney Rovers B 0; Rosslare Port 1, Kilmore United B 0; Fastnet Rovers B 1, Cloughbawn C 1 (Cloughbawn won 4-2 on penalties); Ballagh 6, Enniscorthy Town B 0; Park Hotspur B 1, Oylegate 6; Crossabeg C 0, Courtown Hibs B 5; Castledockrell B 4, Camolin Celtic B 0; Taghmon United B 0, St. Leonards B 2.

Billy Browne Cup first round: Campile United B 2, Fethard Rangers 3; Gorey Rangers C 3, Adamstown B 1; Bree United 1, Crossabeg B 2; Orrill United 2, Ballymurn Celtic 5; Camolin Celtic 1, Gorey Celtic B 2.

Neil O'Sullivan Cup preliminary round: Ferns United B 3, Gorey Rangers B 0; Shamrock Rovers B 2, North End United B 1; All Blacks 3, St. Joseph's 1; Cushinstown 2, Stoney Rovers 3.

Neil O'Sullivan Cup first round: St. Cormac's 1, Corach Ramblers 5; St. Leonards 1, Duncannon 0; Adamstown 3, Bunclody 2; Ajax Athletic 2, Wexford Bohs B 1; Enniscorthy Town 2, Enniscorthy United 5; Fastnet Rovers 0, Cloughbawn 3; Crossabeg 2, Gorey Celtic 1; Rosslare Rangers 4, New Ross Celtic B 2; Raheen FC 2, Rathnure 0; Taghmon United 1, Curracloe United 0; Tombrack United 3, Shelburne 3 (Shelburne won 4-3 on penalties); Ferns United 3, Wexford Celtic 1.

Spinglo Premier Division: Moyne Rangers 5, Gorey Rangers 1; New Ross Town v. Courtown Hibs (off); Park Hotspur 2, Campile United 2; Wexford Bohs 1, Shamrock Rovers 4; Forth Celtic 1, New Ross Celtic 2.

Noel Kehoe Pitch Development Division 2A: Rosslare Strand 2, Killenagh Wanderers 1.

Division 3: Blackwater 0, Forth Celtic 2; Caim United 2, Bunclody 0.

Division 3A: Ballindaggin 1, Enniscorthy United 2; Wexford Celtic 1, Coolgreany Celtic 3; All Blacks 1, Castledockrell 8.

Division 5: Tombrack United 0, New Ross Celtic 2.


SUNDAY, JANUARY 20 Leinster Junior Cup fourth round Seaview Celtic v. North End United.

F.A.I. Youth Cup third round (2.00): Tramore FC v. Wexford Youths.

Neil O'Sullivan Cup first round (11.30): Rosslare Strand v. Shamrock Rovers; Killenagh Wanderers v. Stoney Rovers; All Blacks v. Bridge Rovers; Kilmore United v. Ferns United B.

Gwyn Jones Cup first round (11.30): Tombrack United B v. North End United C; Raheen B v. Cloughbawn B; Rosbercon B v. Curracloe B; Ferns United C v. Enniscorthy United C.

Spinglo Premier Division (11.30): Forth Celtic v. Moyne Rangers; Courtown Hibs v. New Ross Town; New Ross Celtic v. Gorey Rangers; Park Hotspur v. Shamrock Rovers; Campile United v. Wexford Bohs.

Spinglo Division 1 (11.30): Adamstown v. Bunclody; Ferns United v. Wexford Celtic; Ajax Athletic v. Curracloe United; St. Leonards v. Rosslare Rangers.

Noel Kehoe Pitch Development Division 2 (11.30): Corach Ramblers v. Tombrack United; Cloughbawn v. Duncannon; Crossabeg v. St. Joseph's; St. Cormac's v. Gorey Celtic.

Noel Kehoe Pitch Development Division 2A: Gorey Rangers v. Cushinstown (2.00); Rathnure v. Enniscorthy Town (11.30); Raheen FC v. Fastnet Rovers (1.30); New Ross Celtic v. Shelburne (1.30).

Division 3: Shamrock Rovers v. Forth Celtic (11.30); Camolin Celtic v. Rosslare Rangers (11.30); Bunclody v. Blackwater (11.30); Caim United v. Moyne Rangers (11.30); Campile United v. Bree United (1.30); Fethard Rangers v. Orrill United (11.30).


Division 3A: Ballymurn v. Ballindaggin (11.30); Boolavogue v. Gorey Rangers (11.30); Coolgreany Celtic v. All Blacks (2.00); Crossabeg v. Castledockrell (1.30); Enniscorthy United v. Adamstown (11.30); Wexford Celtic v. Gorey Celtic (11.30).

Division 4: Park Hotspur v. St Leonards (1.30); Rosbercon v. Oylegate (11.30); Bridge Rovers v. Ballagh (1.30); Enniscorthy Town v. Courtown Hibs (11.30).

Division 4A: Caim United v. St Cormac's (1.30); Cloughbawn v. Rosslare Port (11.30); Corach Ramblers v. Fastnet Rovers (11.30); Forth Celtic v. Shelburne (1.30); St. Joseph's v. Wexford Bohs (2.00).

Division 5: Ballymurn Celtic v. Crossabeg (1.30); New Ross Celtic v. Camolin Celtic (11.30); Oylegate v. Moyne Rangers (2.00); Castledockell v. Taghmon United (2.00).


Under-11 Cup first round: Bunclody 6, Bree United 3; Caim United v. Gorey Celtic (off); Camolin Celtic 0, Corach Ramblers 1; Courtown Hibs 1, Rosslare Rangers 4; Curracloe United 0, St. Joseph's 1; Forth Celtic 6, Fethard Rangers 3; Wexford Albion 10, GlynnBarntown 3; Wexford Celtic 8, Wexford Albion B 4.

Under-11 Cup second round: Crossabeg 0, Moyne Rangers 3; Enniscorthy Town 1, North End United 0; Gorey Celtic B 1, Ballymurn Celtic 4; New Ross Celtic 3, Gorey Rangers 5; New Ross Town 4, Kilmore United 2; Rosslare Strand 1, St. Cormac's 3; Shelburne United 2, Adamstown 1; Taghmon United v. Shamrock Rovers (off); Wexford Celtic B 0, St. Leonards 8.

Under-11 Division 2A: Cloughbawn 6, Fastnet Rovers 0.

Under-11 Division 3A: New Ross Celtic B v. Ballymurn Celtic (off).

Under-13 Cup first round: Bridge Rovers 3, Oylegate 3 (Oylegate won 3-2 on penalties); Gorey Celtic v. Blackwater (off); Gorey Rangers B 0, All Blacks 3; New Ross Celtic 2, Courtown Hibs 2 (Celtic won 4-2 on penalties); Newpark United 1, Bunclody 1 (Newpark won 6-5 on penalties); Taghmon United 1, Wexford Albion 1 (Taghmon won 4-3 on penalties).

Under-13 Cup second round: Bree United 1, Crossabeg 9; Wexford Celtic 2, St. Leonards 2 (Celtic won 4-2 on penalties).

Under-13 Division 1: Gorey Rangers North End United 3.

Under-13 Division 3: Blackwater 2, Wexford Albion B 1; St. Joseph's 6, New Ross Town 1.

Under-15 Cup first round: Bree United 3, North End United 2; Courtown Hibs 2, Bunclody 0; Gorey Rangers 3, New Ross Celtic 0; St. Cormac's 5, All Blacks 1.

Under-15 Division 1: Moyne Rangers Wexford Albion 1.

Under-15 Division 2: Oylegate 6, Tombrack United 2; Rathnure United v. Kilmore United (off).




SATURDAY, JANUARY 19 Under-10 Group A (10.00): North End United v. Wexford Celtic; All Blacks v. Kilmore United; Wexford Albion v. Curracloe United; Forth Celtic v. Rosslare Strand.

Under-10 Group B (10.00): Shelburne United v. Stoney Rovers; New Ross Town v. New Ross Celtic; Corach Ramblers v. Adamstown; Duncannon v. St. Leonards.

Under-10 Group C (10.00): Enniscorthy Town v. Moyne Rangers; St. Cormac's v. Bridge Rovers; Rathnure United v. Bree United; Glynn-Barntown v. Crossabeg.

Under-10 Group D (10.00): Moyne Rangers B v. St. Joseph's; Gorey Rangers v. Gorey Celtic; Bunclody v. Newpark United; Courtown Hibs v. Caim United.

Under-12 Cup second round: Gorey Rangers v. Kilmore United (11.00, K. Dunne); Taghmon United v. Ferns United (11.30, R. Dwyer).

Under-12 Division 1: Shamrock Rovers v. North End United (11.30, M. Rellis); Wexford Albion v. Moyne Rangers (11.00, N. O'Connor).

Under-12 Division 1A (11.30): All Blacks v. Courtown Hibs (G. Jones); Campile United v. Rosslare Rangers (D. Egan).

Under-12 Division 2 (11.30): Forth Celtic v. St. Joseph's (D. Gaul); New Ross Celtic v. Gorey Celtic (J. Colfer); Duncannon v. Killenagh Wanderers (J. Diskin); Rathnure United v. Bunclody (A. Tobin).

Under-12 Division 2A (11.30): Gorey Rangers B v. Caim United (B. Whelan); Cloughbawn v. Wexford Albion B (J. Tobin); Rosslare Strand v. New Ross Town (G. Morris).

Under-12 Division 3: Enniscorthy Town v. St. Cormac's (11.30, D. O'Connor); Stoney Rovers v. Enniscorthy United (11.30, F. Sinnott); Curracloe United v. St. Leonards (11.30, J. Kelly); Camolin Celtic v. Corach Ramblers (11.00, T. Kearney).

Under-14 Cup second round: Caim United v. Cloughbawn (11.30, S. Hadley); Moyne Rangers B v. Bunclody (1.30, S. Vardy).

Under-14 Division 1: Wexford Albion v. Courtown Hibs (12.30, N. O'Connor); Moyne Rangers v. New Ross Celtic (12.00, S. Vardy); Gorey Rangers v. Shelburne United (11.00, G. O'Brien).

Under-14 Division 1A (11.00): Taghmon United v. Ferns United (Y. O'Neill); St. Cormac's v. Gorey Celtic (J. Doyle); Forth Celtic v. Rosslare Rangers (J. O'Neill).

Under-14 Division 2: Killenagh Wanderers v. St. Leonards (11.30, J. Wafer); Caim United v. Duncannon (11.00, B. Holohan); Oylegate v. Campile United (11.00, R. Buckley); Shamrock Rovers idle.

Under-14 Division 2A (11.00): Rosslare Strand v. Wexford Celtic (M. Comiskey); Curracloe United v. Kilmore United (B. Fenlon); Bree United v. Cloughbawn (M. Hogan); Fethard Rangers idle.

Under-14 Division 3: Forth Celtic B v. GlynnBarntown (11.00, M. Colfer); Camolin Celtic v. Wexford Albion B (12.30, T. Kearney); Tombrack United v. New Ross Town (11.00, W. Murphy).

Under-16 Cup second round (2.00): Cloughbawn v. Gorey Rangers B (W. Murphy); Taghmon United v. St. Leonards (L. Doyle).

Under-16 Division 1: Gorey Rangers v. Curracloe United (1.00, G. O'Brien); North End United v. New Ross Celtic (2.00, D. Gaul); Moyne Rangers idle.

Under-16 Division 1A: Gorey Celtic v. Forth Celtic (1.00, N. Boland); Bunclody v. Shelburne United (2.00, P. Nolan); Crossabeg idle.

Under-16 Division 2 (1.00): Shamrock Rovers v. St. Cormac's (K. Dunne); Ferns United v. Fethard Rangers (M. Franklin); Courtown Hibs v. Wexford Celtic (B. Whelan); Wexford Albion idle.

Under-16 Division 2A: Bridge Rovers v. Oylegate (1.00, D. Donovan); Moyne Rangers B v. Glynn-Barntown (2.00, J. Kelly); Corach Ramblers v. Gorey Rangers B (1.00, E. Molloy); Duncannon idle.

Under-16 Division 3: Adamstown v. Camolin Celtic (1.00, M. Hogan); Killenagh Wanderers v. Newpark United (1.00, J. Wafer); Caim United v. Rosslare Strand (1.30, Y. O'Neill).

WOMEN'S RESULTS Wexford Cup first round: Glen Celtic 0, Coolgreany Celtic 6 (Deirdre Healy, Jackie Kinch, Sarah Merrigan, Karen O'Toole, Meabh Hughes, Anne Higgins); Benfica 2 (Keeley Claydon, Becky Conroy), North End United 0; Killenagh Wanderers 4 (Isobel Naughter 2, Laura Stafford, Róisín O'Connor), Curracloe United 2 (Geraldine Doolan, Clara Donnelly); Enniscorthy Town 1 (Bridget McDonald), St. Joseph's 3 (Pamela Walsh 2, Georgia Warren); Courtown Hibs 3 (Gillian Synnott, Lauran Ramsey, Aoife Gleeson), Moyne Rangers 0; Tramore FC 6 (Tara Power 2, Niamh Walsh 2, Vanessa Ogbonna, Leanne Clancy), Cloughbawn FC 2 (Gina Foley, Angie Westnott); Ferns United 8 (Liz Evered 5, Hayley Nolan, Caroline Murphy, Georgina Moore), Wexford Celtic 0; Kilmore United 4 (Katrina Parrock 3, Lisa Goff), Forth Celtic 0; New Ross Town 2 (Kellie Keating, Josie Murphy), Taghmon United 0; Rosslare Strand 0, Seaview United 5 (Bríd Kehoe, Kellie Mullan, Maebh Kehoe, Leanne Foley); All Blacks 3 (Róisín Furlong 2, Aoife Traynor), Castledockrell United 2 (Caitríona McCabe 2); Campile United 0, Bree United 2 (Petrina Tyrrell, Niamh Sinnott); Cloughbawn B 2 (Rose Kehoe, Joanne Kennedy), Shillelagh United 3 (Megan Doyle, Elaine Kennedy, Anna Nolan); Adamstown 4 (Chantelle Martin 3, Cora Flood), Corach Ramblers 0; Camolin Celtic 2 (Ashling Fitzpatrick, Megan Murray), Cushinstown AFC 0.


SUNDAY, JANUARY 20 Bus Eireann Women's National League (2.00): Castlebar Celtic v. Wexford Youths Women (in Castlebar).

Leinster Women's Cup first round (1.00): All Blacks v. St. Joseph's Girls (DWSL). Wexford Cup first round (11.00): Bunclody AFC v. Rosslare Rangers.

Premier Division: Benfica v. Adamstown (11.30); Seaview United v. Coolgreany Celtic (11.30); Cloughbawn v. Ferns United (1.30).

Division 1A: Killenagh Wanderers v. Shillelagh United (1.30); Curracloe United v. Wexford Celtic (11.00); North End United v. Kilmore United (1.30).

Division 1B: St. Joseph's v. New Ross Town (11.00); Fastnet Rovers v. Corach Ramblers (11.30); Glen Celtic v. Forth Celtic (11.00).

Division 2A: Taghmon United v. Cloughbawn B (11.00); Tombrack United v. Moyne Rangers (1.00).

Division 2B: Camolin Celtic v. Campile United (1.30); Cushinstown AFC v. Crossabeg AFC (11.00); Castledockrell United v. Rosslare Strand (11.30).


Under-10 Cup: Wexford Celtic 0, Kilmore United 3; Adamstown 6 (Isabell Herbert 5, Maebh Wickham), All Blacks 2 (Shannon Doyle, Sarah Cleary); Cloughbawn 1 (Caitlin Blackburn), St. Joseph's 2; Corach Ramblers 0, Taghmon United 1 (Laura Banville); Shelburne w.o., Bridge Rovers scr.

Under-10 Premier Division: Curracloe United 2 (Grace Hearne 2), Moyne Rangers 1 (Shanise O'Reilly); Ballindaggin 1 (Aoife O'Leary), Campile United 2 (Amy Ennis 2).

Under-10 Division 2B: Rosslare Rangers 1 (Zoe Butler), New Ross Town 0; Tombrack United 2 (Tara Kenny, Rachel Kavanagh), Enniscorthy Town 5 (Amy Shannon 4, Cassie O'Rourke).

Under-14 Cup first round: Seaview United 1 (Libby Sutton), Moyne Rangers 4 (Aideen Byrne 3, Anais Curran); Bunclody 6 (Kate Sheehan 5, Britney Conroy), North End United 5 (Rebecca Ennis 2, Jemma Dooley, Chloe Keeling, Natasha Rossiter-Byrne); All Blacks 7 (Emily Coakley 5, Abbie Jones, Rebecca Foley), Rosslare Rangers 1 (Caoimhe McKeon); Bridge Rovers 1 (Sinéad Ronan-John), Fastnet Rovers 2 (Rachel Bennett, Clodagh Redmond).

Under-14 Premier Division: Kilmore United 4 (Cora Miller 3, Rebecca Furlong), Bree United 0; Cloughbawn 3 (Tara Doyle, Hannah Keating, Niamh Kehoe), Killenagh Wanderers 0.

Under-14 Division 1: Ballindaggin 4 (Aoife Devereux 4), St. Joseph's 0.

Under-14 Division 2B: Tombrack United 0, Wexford Celtic 6 (Ciara Rochford 2, Ciara Bridges 2, Orla Neiland 2); New Ross Town w.o., Enniscorthy Town scr.

Under-18 League: Cloughbawn 2 (Kate Cullen, Gina Foley), Ferns United 1 (Hayley Nolan); St. Leonards 0, Killenagh Wanderers 3 (Róisín O'Connor 3); North End United 2 (Fiona Bennett 2, Chloe Bates 2, Clodagh Downes), Seaview United 0.


SATURDAY, JANUARY 19 Under-12 Cup first round: Adamstown v. Seaview United; St. Joseph's v. Campile United; New Ross Town v. Courtown Hibs; Cloughbawn v. Camolin Celtic; Tombrack United v. Rosslare Rangers; Moyne Rangers v. Wexford Celtic; Curracloe United v. Bunclody AFC; Corach Ramblers v. Taghmon United; St. Leonards v. Forth Celtic; North End United v. Gorey Celtic.

Under-12 Premier Division: Fastnet Rovers v. Kilmore United.

Under-12 Division 2A: Bridge Rovers v. Shelburne.

Under-12 Division 3: Enniscorthy Town v. Campile United B.

Ger Dunne Under-16 Cup first round: Bunclody AFC v. Ballindaggin; Seaview United v. Killenagh Wanderers; Curracloe United v. Bree United; Kilmore United v. Forth Celtic; New Ross Town v. St. Leonards; Tombrack United v. Camolin Celtic.

Under-16 Division 2: Bridge Rovers v. All Blacks.

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