Friday 20 April 2018

Soccer -- all the details

Conor Mccarney of Wexford Youths flies past Eric Neary of Mervue United in their game at Ferrycarrig.
Conor Mccarney of Wexford Youths flies past Eric Neary of Mervue United in their game at Ferrycarrig.


Carlton Millrace Wexford Cup fourth round: St. Leonards 5, St. Joseph's 2; Shamrock Rovers 0, Campile United 1; Bunclody 1, Wexford Celtic 0; New Ross Celtic 2, Raheen United 1; Killenagh 0, Bridge Rovers 2; Moyne Rangers 1, Stoney Rovers 1 (Moyne won 5-4 on pens.); New Ross Celtic B 1, North End 2. Billy Browne Cup semi-final: Rathnure 2, Enniscorthy United B 1. Carlton Millrace Premier Division: Courtown Hibs 1, Ferns United 2; Gorey Rangers 2, Wexford Bohs 2.

Noel Kehoe Pitch Development Division 1: Kilmore 2, Rosslare Rangers 2; Duncannon 1, Park Hotspur 3; All Blacks 2, New Ross Town 3; Curracloe United 2, Gorey Celtic 1.

Noel Kehoe Pitch Development Division 2: Rosslare Strand 0, Cloughbawn 5; Corach Ramblers 2, Shamrock Rovers 1; St. Cormac's 0, Taghmon United 3; Ajax Athletic 1, Enniscorthy United 1; Cushinstown 2, Enniscorthy Town 2.

Division 2A: Fethard Rangers 3, Shelbourne 4; Ferns United 2, Bunclody 2; Gorey Rangers 1, Crossabeg 3; Wexford Bohs 3, North End United 3. Division 3: Orrill United 3, All Blacks 0. Division 3A: Ballagh 3, Ballymurn 2; Curracloe United 6, Adamstown 1; Coolgreany Celtic 0, Camolin Celtic 1; Ballindaggin 6, Courtown Hibs 2.

Division 4: North End United 0, Bridge Rovers 1; Fastnet Rovers 2, Stoney Rovers 1.

Division 4A: Bridge Rovers 0, Caim United 1; Corach Ramblers 0, Rosbercon 1; Gorey Celtic 0, Park Hotspur 4; St. Leonards 5, Rosslare Port 2.

Division 5: Orrill United 6, Camolin Celtic 1; Rathnure 6, Coolgreany Celtic 0; Moyne Rangers 2, Tombrack United 3; Crossabeg 0, Castledockrell 4; Kilmore United 1, Rosbercon 0; Fethard Rangers 2, Cloughbawn 3.


SUNDAY, APRIL 1 Leinster Junior Cup quarter-final (2.00): North End United v. St. Kevin's Boys. Billy Browne Cup semi-final at Ajax (2.00): Killenagh v. Forth Celtic (S. Ryan, J. Doyle, S. Hadley).

Gwyn Jones Cup quarter-final (2.00): Stoney Rovers B v. Corach Ramblers B (B. Fenlon).

Neil O'sullivan Cup quarter-finals (11.00): All Blacks v. Gorey Celtic (M. Comiskey); Moyne Rangers v. Kilmore United (P. Rowlands); Shamrock Rovers B v. Wexford Celtic (N. Boland); Bridge Rovers v. Stoney Rovers (K. Dunne).

Carlton Millrace Premier Division (11.00): New Ross Celtic v. Shamrock Rovers (A. Murphy); Campile United v. Bunclody (D. Donovan); Courtown Hibs v. Gorey Rangers (M. Franklin); Wexford Bohs v. Forth Celtic (N. O'connor).

Noel Kehoe Pitch Development Division 1: Rosslare Rangers v. St. Leonards (2.00, M. Hogan); Duncannon v. New Ross Town (11.00, R. Murphy).

Noel Kehoe Pitch Development Division 2 (11.00): Ajax Athletic v. Cushinstown (D. Gaul); Cloughbawn v. Corach Ramblers (G. Cleary); Enniscorthy Town v. St. Joseph's (B. Martin); Enniscorthy United v. St. Cormac's (J. Kelly).

Division 2A: Fethard Rangers v. Wexford Bohs (11.00, G. Jones); New Ross Celtic v. Ferns United (1.00, F. Sinnott); Tombrack United v. Shelbourne (11.00, G. O'brien); Fastnet Rovers v. Gorey Rangers (11.30, L. Doyle); North End v. Crossabeg (11.00, M. Kelly).

Division 3 (11.00): Rathnure v. Rosslare Rangers (A. Tobin); Crossabeg v. Orrill United (M. Colfer); Wexford Celtic v. Raheen (E. Molloy).

Division 3A (1.00): Enniscorthy United v. Ballagh (C. Murphy); Campile United v. Coolgreany Celtic (R. Dwyer). Division 4 (11.00): Boolavogue United v. North End United (S. Kelly). Division 4A: Caim United v. Rosslare Port (11.00, J. Diskin); St. Cormac's v. Rosbercon (2.00, W. Murphy); Gorey Celtic v. St. Leonards (2.00, B. Murphy); Park Hotspur v. Forth Celtic (11.00, J. Colfer).

Division 5: Coolgreany Celtic v. Fethard Rangers (2.00, J. Wafer); Rathnure v. Tombrack United (1.00, J. Tobin); Ballymurn v. Orrill United (11.00, D. Ennis); Kilmore United v. Moyne Rangers (2.00, A. Foley); Cloughbawn v. Rosbercon (1.00, M. Rellis). WEDNESDAY, APRIL 4 Carlton Millrace Premier Division (6.15): Adamstown v. Campile United (J. O'neill); North End United v. Wexford Bohs (M. Hogan); Shamrock Rovers v. Gorey Rangers (N. O'connor).

Noel Kehoe Pitch Development Division 1 (6.15): Moyne Rangers v. Curracloe (M. Franklin); St. Leonards v. Bridge Rovers (D. Donovan); Wexford Celtic v. Park Hotspur (K. Dunne); All Blacks v. Rosslare Rangers (B. Fenlon).

Division 3 (6.15): Killenagh v. Moyne Rangers (J. Fortune); Rathnure v. Orrill United (P. Nolan). Division 3A (6.15): Ballagh v. Curracloe United (S. Vardy). Division 4A (6.15): Shelbourne v. Caim United (R. Murphy). Division 5 (6.15): Tombrack United v. Castledockrell (S. Hadley).


F.A.I. Youth Cup quarter-final: Wexford Youths 1, Mervue 1 (Wexford Youths won 42 on pens.).

Wexford Youth Cup semi-finals: Caim United 0, Curracloe United 3; New Ross Celtic 6, St. Leonards 1.

Premier Division: Shamrock Rovers 2, Wexford Youths 2; Moyne Rangers 3, Cloughbawn 1. Division 1: Forth Celtic 6, St. Joseph's 0; Bridge Rovers 3, Bunclody 4. Division 2: Bree United 5, Ferns United 3; Killenagh 1, Camolin Celtic 5. Division 3: Moyne Rangers v. Tombrack United (off). Division 4: Campile United 3, Stoney Rovers 1; Rosslare Strand 3, Rosbercon 3.


THURSDAY, MARCH 29 Division 1 (6.15): Forth Celtic v. Gorey Celtic (J. Diskin). Division 3 (6.00): Caim United v. Crossabeg (P. Nolan). SATURDAY, MARCH 31 Premier Division (3.00): Wexford Youths v. New Ross Celtic (M. Comiskey). Division 2 (11.00): Ferns United v. Camolin Celtic (M. Hogan). Division 3 (11.00): Moyne Rangers v. Tombrack United (S. Vardy). Division 4 (11.00): Rosslare Strand v. Campile United (D. Donovan); St. Leonards v. All Blacks (R. Dwyer).


Under-12 Division 1: Gorey Rangers 3, North End 1; Wexford Albion 5, Oylegate 0; Moyne Rangers 1, Rosslare Rangers 1; Killenagh 0, Shelbourne 3.

Under-12 Division 1A: Crossabeg 5, All Blacks 1; Courtown 4, Campile 4; Duncannon v. Shamrock Rovers (off); St. Leonards idle.

Under-12 Division 2: Wexford Albion 1, Cloughbawn 6; Tombrack 0, Fethard Rangers 1; Taghmon 8, Curracloe 0; Rosslare Strand 2, Kilmore 2.

Under-12 Division 2A: Newpark United 0, Bunclody 5; Bridge Rovers 2, New Ross Town 1; New Ross Celtic v. Gorey Rangers 2nd (off); St. Cormac's idle.

Under-12 Division 3: Caim 2, Gorey Celtic 3; Ferns 8, Camolin 1; Forth Celtic 8, Bree 1. Under-12 Division 3A: Wexford Celtic 5, Enniscorthy United 2. Under-14 Division 2: Taghmon 4, Stoney Rovers 1. Under-16 Division 1: Courtown 3, Forth Celtic 2; Bunclody 0, North End 6; New Ross Celtic 4, Gorey Rangers 0; Curracloe 1, Moyne Rangers 0.

Under-16 Division 1A: Rosslare Rangers 2, Gorey Celtic 4; Crossabeg 4, Campile 1; Corach Ramblers 1, Shamrock Rovers 1; Ferns v. Wexford Albion (off).

Under-16 Division 2: Bree 0, Rathnure 0; Cloughbawn 5, Adamstown 1; Shelbourne 2, Wexford Celtic 0; St. Leonards idle.

Under-16 Division 2A: Gorey Rangers 2nd 2, St. Joseph's 6; Fethard Rangers 2, Killenagh 1; Rosslare Strand 3, Taghmon 4; Kilmore idle.

Under-16 Division 3: Wexford Albion 0, Crossabeg 2; Oylegate 2, Bridge Rovers 3; Duncannon 0, Moyne Rangers 2nd 1; Tombrack idle.

Under-16 Division 3A: Gorey Celtic 2nd 1, Fastnet Rovers 2; Camolin 5, Caim 1; Moyne Rangers 3rd 1, North End 2nd 3; Forth Celtic 2nd idle.


THURSDAY, MARCH 29 Under-14 Division 3 (6.30): Killenagh v. Caim (D. Herbage). FRIDAY, MARCH 30 Under-12 Division 1 (6.45): Gorey Rangers v. Shelbourne (N. Boland); Rosslare Rangers v. North End (M. Kelly).

Under-12 Division 1A (6.45): Duncannon v. Shamrock Rovers (A. Tobin); All Blacks v. Campile (G. Morris).

Under-12 Division 2 (6.45): Tombrack v. Taghmon (S. Hadley); Fethard Rangers v. Rosslare Strand (E. Molloy). Under-12 Division 3 (6.45): Bree v. Caim (W. Murphy). Under-12 Division 3A (6.45): Wexford Celtic v. St. Joseph's (J. Kelly). Under-16 Division 1 (6.30): Forth Celtic v. North End (M. Comiskey); Moyne Rangers v. Bunclody (K. Dunne). Under-16 Division 1A (6.30): Corach Ramblers v. Campile (B. Fenlon). Under-16 Division 2 (6.30): St. Leonards v. Bree (J. Tobin); Adamstown v. Shelbourne (M. Rellis); Cloughbawn v. Wexford Celtic (F. Sinnott).

Under-16 Division 2A (6.30): Taghmon v. Fethard (N. O'connor); Killenagh v. Gorey Rangers 2nd (J. Wafer). Under-16 Division 3 (6.30): Wexford Albion v. Oylegate (G. Cleary). Under-16 Division 3A (6.30): Fastnet Rovers v. North End 2nd (R. Dwyer). SATURDAY, MARCH 31 Under-11 Division 1 (11.00): Wexford Albion v. Moyne Rangers (G. Morris); Gorey Rangers v. North End (D. Herbage); New Ross Celtic v. Shelbourne (R. Murphy).

Under-11 Division 1A: St. Leonards v. Courtown (11.00, E. Molloy); Forth Celtic v. St. Cormac's (11.00, M. Colfer); Ferns v. Campile (1.00, K. Dunne).

Under-11 Division 2 (11.00): Bridge Rovers v. Taghmon (A. Foley); Bunclody v. St. Joseph's (M. Kenny); Gorey Celtic v. Shamrock Rovers (G. O'brien).

Under-11 Division 2A (11.00): Rosslare Rangers v. Caim (M. Kelly); Wexford Celtic v. All Blacks (N. O'connor); Fastnet v. Corach (J. Kelly).

Under-11 Division 3: Blackwater v. Tombrack (1.00, A. Foley); Rathnure v. Camolin (11.00, W. Murphy); Enniscorthy Town v. Wexford Albion 2nd (11.00, G. Cleary).

Under-11 Division 3A: Gorey Celtic 2nd v. New Ross Town (12.00, G. O'brien); Stoney Rovers v. New Ross Celtic 2nd (11.00, Y. O'neill); Wexford Albion 3rd v. Gorey Rangers 2nd (12.00, G. Morris).

Under-11 Division 4: Wexford Albion 4th v. Courtown 2nd (1.00, G. Morris); Forth Celtic 2nd v. Gorey Rangers 3rd (12.00, M. Colfer); Moyne Rangers 3rd v. St. Cormac's 2nd (1.00, J. Fortune).

Under-14 Division 1A: New Ross Celtic v. Gorey Rangers (12.00, R. Murphy); Courtown v. Wexford Albion (11.00, B. Murphy); St. Leonards v. Moyne Rangers (12.00, J. Tobin).

Under-14 Division 1A: Shelbourne v. Crossabeg (11.00, F. Sinnott); Ferns v. Gorey Celtic (2.00, K. Dunne); North End v. Forth Celtic (11.00, B. Fenlon).

Under-14 Division 2: All Blacks v. Rosslare Rangers (11.00, D. O'connor); Wexford Celtic v. Taghmon (12.00, N. O'connor); St. Cormac's v. Bree (11.00, J. Doyle). Under-14 Division 2A (11.00): Cloughbawn v. Rosslare Strand (S. Hadley). Under-14 Division 3 (11.00): Fethard v. Camolin (A. Tobin). Under-14 Division 3A (11.00): Newpark v. Wexford Albion 2nd (B. Whelan); Adamstown v. Gorey Rangers 2nd (L. Doyle).

Under-14 Division 4 (2.00): Forth Celtic 2nd v. Wexford Celtic 2nd (D. Gaul); Moyne Rangers 2nd v. Wexford Albion 3rd (J. Fortune); Gorey Celtic 2nd v. St. Leonards 2nd (J. Weafer).

Under-14 Division 4A: Bree 2nd v. Moyne Rangers 3rd (11.00, M. Franklin); Courtown 3rd v. Wexford Albion 5th (12.30, B. Murphy). SUNDAY, APRIL 1 Under-14 Division 2A (1.00): Campile v. Oylegate (TBA). TUESDAY, APRIL 3 Under-12 Division 1 (6.45): Shelbourne v. Moyne Rangers (K. Dunne); North End v. Wexford Albion (G. Morris); Rosslare Rangers v. Oylegate (M. Kelly).

Under-12 Division 1A (6.45): Courtown v. Crossabeg (J. Wafer); All Blacks v. Duncannon (J. Diskin); Campile v. St. Leonards (R. Dwyer).

Under-12 Division 2 (6.45): Taghmon v. Fethard (M. Rellis); Curracloe v. Kilmore (D. O'connor); Cloughbawn v. Tombrack (J. Fortune); Wexford Albion v. Taghmon (D. Gaul). Under-12 Division 2A (6.45): Gorey Rangers 2nd v. Bunclody (B. Whelan). Under-12 Division 3A (6.45): Enniscorthy United v. St. Joseph's (A. Foley); Wexford Celtic v. Enniscorthy Town (L. Doyle). Under-12 Division 3 (6.45): Forth Celtic v. Ferns (M. Colfer). Under-16 Division 1 (6.30): New Ross Celtic v. Bunclody (F. Sinnott); Curracloe v. Forth Celtic (N. O'connor); Gorey Rangers v. Courtown (N. Boland).

Under-16 Division 1A (6.30): Corach Ramblers v. Rosslare Rangers (A. Tobin); Shamrock Rovers v. Ferns (M. Comiskey); Campile v. Wexford Albion (J. Tobin); Crossabeg v. Gorey Celtic (J. Kelly).

Under-16 Division 2 (6.30): St. Leonards v. Adamstown (E. Molloy); Bree v. Wexford Celtic (M. Hogan).

Under-16 Division 2A (6.30): Kilmore v. Fethard (R. Murphy); Killenagh v. St. Joseph's (D. Herbage); Rosslare Strand v. Gorey Rangers 2nd (G. Jones).

Under-16 Division 3 (6.30): Bridge Rovers v. Wexford Albion (B. Fenlon); Moyne Rangers 2nd v. Oylegate (M. Franklin); Duncannon v. Tombrack (Y. O'neill).

Under-16 Division 3A (6.30): Caim v. Camolin (S. Hadley); Fastnet v. Forth Celtic (W. Murphy).


Under-12 Division 3 (6.45): Ferns v. Caim (J. Doyle); Gorey Celtic v. Forth Celtic (G. O'brien).

Under-12 Division 3A (6.45): St. Joseph's v. Wexford Celtic (S. Vardy); Enniscorthy Town v. Enniscorthy United (J. Fortune).


MMI.IE Wexford Cup semi-final: Curracloe United 3 (Laura Corrigan, Cara Mcdonald, own goal), Seaview United 1 (Jane Banville).

Premier Division: Killenagh Wanderers 3 (Sara Donnelan 2, Aisling Carroll), Adamstown 1 (Niamh Kelly).

Division 1A: North End United 5 (Leanne O'reilly 2, Sara Byrne, Danielle Kehoe, Danielle Chin), Enniscorthy Town 0.

Leinster Junior Cup quarter-final: Coolgreany Celtic 2 (Audrey Whitty, Jackie Kinch), Shelbourne 0.

Etchingham Cup final: New Ross Town 4 (Jenny Delaney, Anne Carroll, Lina Smitate 2), All Blacks 1 (Tanya O'brien).

Boland Carpets Cup final: Wexford Celtic 3 (Lorraine Mcmahon 2, Rebecca O'connor), Courtown Hibs 0.


SUNDAY, APRIL 1 Michelle Coleman Cup final (11.00): North End United v. St. Joseph's (in Bunclody). Division 2B Cup final (1.00): Camolin Celtic v. Moyne Rangers (in Bunclody). Premier Division (11.00): St. Cormac's v. Curracloe United. Division 2A promotion play-off (11.30): Fastnet Rovers v. New Ross Celtic (in Rathangan).

Leinster Intermediate Cup quarter-final: Bealnamulla v. Tramore FC.


Under-10 Cup quarter-final: Killenagh Wanderers 1, St. Leonards 2 (AET). Under-10 Premier Division: Fastnet Rovers 1 (Nadine Cunningham), Shelbourne 0; Kilmore United 6 (Kira Bates-crosbie 3, Sophie Boxwell 2, Fiona Kielthy), Curracloe United 1 (Sarah Harding-kenny).

Under-10 Division 1: Campile United 4 (Kate Foley, Lydia Mcgrath, Eadaoin Kent, Michelle Kinsella), Bunclody AFC 2 (Abby Lee Roche 2).

Under-10 Division 2A: Taghmon United 1 (Molly Redican), Corach Ramblers 4 (Shannon Anglim 2, Rebecca Holmes, Aishling Waters).

Under-10 Division 2B: Glen Celtic 8 (Naomi Larrissey 2, Leah Scallan 2, Polly Frost 2, Breanne Sludds), Bridge Rovers 1 (Amy O'connor).

Under-10 Division 3: Tomback United 0, Wexford Celtic 8 (Charlotte Down 4, Aliat Kotun, Sannja Kvecko, Ruth Hendrick, Aisling O'sullivan); Cloughbawn 1, Camolin Celtic 6.

Under-12 Premier Division: Killenagh Wanderers 1 (Kim Burgess), Shelbourne 7 (Eva Boland 3, Hannah Keating 2, Emer Mernagh, Niamh Kehoe); Bunclody AFC 0, Curracloe United 3 (Sarah Siggins 2, Kirsty Fanning); Bree United 1 (Rachel Power), Campile United 0.

Under-12 Division 1: Kilmore United 5 (Amy Cousins 2, Kira Bates-crosbie 2, Emily Bates), Ferns United 0; North End United 2 (Alannah Anglim, Chelsey Pitman), Ballindaggin 2 (Aoife Devereux, Clodagh O'leary).

Under-12 Division 2A: Courtown Hibs 0, St. Leonards 5 (Fiona Ryan 3, Ciara O'connor 2); Gorey Celtic 3 (Amy Wilson 3), Seaview United 0.

Under-12 Division 2B: Bridge Rovers 3 (Rachel Philpott, Niamh Kehoe, Nicola Pierce), Tombrack United 0; Shelbourne B 5 (Ellie Boland 3, Eva Bolans, Maria Kavanagh), New Ross Town 0.

Under-12 Division 3: Cloughbawn 0, Wexford Celtic 3 (Orla Neiland 2, Niamh Tormey); Rathnure United 2 (Katie Tector, Nora Higgins), Rosslare Rangers 0. Leinster Under-14 Cup quarter-final: Shelbourne 1 (Shauna Wall), Enniskerry YC 2. Under-14 Cup quarter-final: Curracloe United 6 (Dearbhla Doyle 3, Fiona Kinsella, Lauren Fitzgerald, Siobhán Doolan), Moyne Rangers 1 (Aoife Mccrea). Under-14 Premier Division: Bree United 1, Forth Celtic 1. Under-14 Division 1: Kilmore United 1 (Becky Furlong), Killenagh Wanderers 4 (Tara Doyle 2, Caitlin Fitzpatrick, Sinéad Gaynor); St. Leonards 5 (Ciara Ryan 4, Muireann Kehoe), Campile United 0.

Under-14 Division 2A: Ballindaggin 7 (Niamh Atkinson 2, Sinéad Nolan 2, Caoimhe Denton, Róisín Brimson, Aoife Hennessy), Bridge Rovers 0; North End United 8 (Natasha Byrne 3, Alannah Harpur, Stacey O'farrell, Chelsey Pitman, Alannah Anglim, Rachel Dempsey), Corach Ramblers 1 (Ellie Diskin).

Under-14 Division 2B: Wexford Celtic 1 (Olivia Middleton), Cloughbawn 0; New Ross Town 1, Camolin Celtic 6.

Leinster Under-16 Cup quarter-final: Curracloe United 5 (Amy Banville 2, Róisín Doolan, Siobhán Doolan, Noeleen Shanahan), Malahide Unitd 1 (Shannon Mcdonnell).

Ger Dunne Under-16 Cup quarter-final: North End United 0, Shelbourne 3 (Mary Tyrrell 2, Shauna Wall). Under-16 Premier Division: Ferns United 9, Kilmore United 3. Under-16 Division 2: Corach Ramblers 2 (Nicole Culleton 2), Tombrack United 7 (Denise Bolger 4, Hayley Browne, Georgina Creane, Mairéad O'rourke); Taghmon United 5 (Ashling Whelan 3, Edwina Whelan, Clare O'gorman), All Blacks 1 (Anita Cullen).

Under-18 League: Ferns United 7 (Leona Breen 3, Hayley Cahill 3, Melissa Cahill), Seaview United 2; St. Cormac's 0, Shelbourne 5 (Gina Foley 2, Mary Tyrrell, Jodi Keane, Siobhán Grant-moorehead).


TUESDAY, MARCH 27 Under-12 Division 2B (5.30): Tombrack United v. Shelbourne B. WEDNESDAY, MARCH 28 Under-12 Division 2A (6.15): All Blacks v. Taghmon United. THURSDAY, MARCH 29 Leinster Under-14 Cup quarter-final (6.30): Curracloe United v. Campile United. SATURDAY, MARCH 31 Under-10 Cup semi-finals: St. Leonards v. Ballindaggin; Campile United v. Kilmore United. Under-10 Premier Division: Shelbourne v. Fastnet Rovers. Under-10 Division 2B: Glen Celtic v. Taghmon United. Under-10 Division 3: Camolin Celtic v. Wexford Celtic. Under-14 Cup semi-finals: Curracloe United v. Killenagh Wanderers; Kilmore United v. St. Leonards. Under-14 Premier Division: Shelbourne v. Forth Celtic. Under-14 Division 2A: Moyne Rangers v. Bunclody AFC; North End United v. Ballindaggin; Bridge Rovers v. Corach Ramblers.

Under-14 Division 2B: All Blacks v. Rosslare Rangers; New Ross Town v. Wexford Celtic. Under-18 Cup semi-final: St. Cormac's v. Ferns United. MONDAY, APRIL 2 Under-18 Cup semi-final (6.00): Tombrack United v. Shelbourne United.