Tuesday 20 March 2018

Soccer all the details

Shane Nolan of Wexford Youths is taken down by Waterford United's captain, John Frost, in their league clash at Ferrycarrig Park. Frost received a red card for the tackle.
Shane Nolan of Wexford Youths is taken down by Waterford United's captain, John Frost, in their league clash at Ferrycarrig Park. Frost received a red card for the tackle.




Carlton Millrace Wexford Cup second round: Moyne Rangers 4, Orrill United 0.

Carlton Millrace Wexford Cup third round: Ajax Athletic 0, Bridge Rovers 1; Shamrock Rovers 5, Ferns United 0; Rosslare Strand 1, New Ross Celtic 4; Campile 4, Enniscorthy Town 1.

Neil O'sullivan Cup second round: Rosslare Rangers 2, Gorey Celtic 2 (Gorey won 4-3 on penalties); Kilmore United 2, Curracloe United 0; All Blacks 2, Taghmon United 1.

Gwyn Jones Cup second round: Fastnet Rovers B 3, North End C 4.

Leinster Junior Cup sixth round: Willow Park 0, North End United 2.

Leinster Junior Shield semi-final: Moorefield 1, Killenagh 0.

Carlton Millrace Premier Division: Forth Celtic 1, Courtown Hibs 1; Wexford Bohs 3, Gorey Rangers 0.

Noel Kehoe Pitch Develeopment Division 1: Wexford Celtic 0, St. Leonards 0; New Ross Town 2, Duncannon 0.

Noel Kehoe Pitch Development Division 2: St. Cormac's 0, Cushinstown 1; Enniscorthy United 3, Stoney Rovers 3; St. Joseph's 2, Cloughbawn 1.

Division 2A: Fethard Rangers 1, Fastnet Rovers 6; Blackwater 0, Wexford Bohs 1; Bunclody 0, Tombrack United 2; Crossabeg 1, Shelbourne 3; Ferns United 3, New Ross Celtic 1.

Division 3: Rosslare Rangers 0, Raheen 4; Moyne Rangers 0, Caim United 3; Rathnure 8, Bree United 1.

Division 3A: Coolgreany Celtic 3, Ballagh 2; Ballindaggin 4, Campile United 2; Gorey Celtic 3, Courtown Hibs 1; Ballymurn 0, Shamrock Rovers 4; Camolin Celtic 2, Adamstown 5.

Division 4: Bridge Rovers 0, St. Joseph's 3; Castledockrell 2, Gorey Rangers 2; Stoney Rovers 0, Boolavogue 1.

Division 4A: Gorey Celtic 3, Caim United 2; Park Hotspur 1, Corach Ramblers 0; Bridge Rovers 1, Shelbourne 3; Rosbercon 2, St. Leonards 3.

Division 5: Fethard Rangers 5, Orrill United 0; Crossabeg 2, Cloughbawn 3; Moyne Rangers 0, Coolgreany Celtic 1; Rathnure 2, Castledockrell 3; Rosbercon 3, Camolin Celtic 2; Tombrack United 2, Ballymurn 2.

SUNDAY, MARCH 11 Carlton Millrace Wexford Cup third round: North End v. Gorey Celtic (11.00, J. O'neill); Wexford Bohs v. Killenagh (11.00, S. Ryan); St. Cormac's v. Moyne Rangers (11.00, N. Boland); St. Leonards v. Stoney Rovers B (2.00, B. Fenlon).

Billy Browne Cup quarter-finals (11.00): Forth Celtic B v. All Blacks B (G. Cleary); Rathnure v. Ballagh (L. Doyle); Curracloe United B v. Enniscorthy United B (R. Dwyer).

Neil O'sullivan Cup second round: Gorey Rangers B v. Shamrock Rovers B (12.00, A. Murphy); Bridge Rovers v. New Ross Celtic B (11.00, M. Franklin); Duncannon v. Wexford Celtic (11.00, N. O'connor); Ajax Athletic v. Stoney Rovers (11.00, M. Comiskey).

Carlton Millrace Premier Division: Shamrock Rovers v. Forth Celtic (11.00, D. Donovan); Ferns United v. Courtown Hibs (11.00, P. Rowlands); Adamstown v. New Ross Celtic (11.00, M. Hogan); Gorey Rangers v. Campile United (2.00, A. Murphy).

Noel Kehoe Pitch Development Division 1 (11.00): Kilmore United v. Rosslare Rangers (J. Kelly); Park Hotspur v. Curracloe United (G. Jones); New Ross Town v. All Blacks (B. Martin).

Noel Kehoe Pitch Development Division 2 (11.00): Rosslare Strand v. Enniscorthy United (M. Kelly); St. Joseph's v. Corach Ramblers (S. Kelly); Enniscorthy Town v. Cloughbawn (D. Gaul).

Division 2A: Bunclody v. Crossabeg (11.00, D. Ennis); Shelbourne v. Fethard Rangers (11.00, J. Doyle); Wexford Bohs v. Tombrack United (1.00, B. Murphy); North End United v. Blackwater (1.00, W. Murphy).

Division 3 (11.00): Orrill United v. Bree United (P. Nolan); Raheen v. Caim United (F. Sinnott).

Division 3A: Camolin Celtic v. Coolgreany Celtic (11.00, J. Wafer); Adamstown v. Campile United (1.00, M. Hogan); Shamrock Rovers v. Gorey Celtic (1.00, A. Tobin).

Division 4: North End v. Boolavogue (11.00, W. Murphy); Bridge Rovers v. Gorey Rangers (1.00, M. Franklin).

Division 4A: Bridge Rovers v. St. Cormac's (3.00, A. Foley); Rosbercon v. Ajax Athletic (11.00, J. Colfer); Rosslare Port v. St. Leonards (11.00, M. Colfer); Caim United v. Forth Celtic (11.00, J. Diskin); Corach Ramblers v. Gorey Celtic (2.00, M. Rellis).

Division 5: Rathnure v. Rosbercon (1.00, S. Hadley); Fethard Rangers v. Castledockrell (11.00, J. Tobin); Kilmore United v. Coolgreany Celtic (1.00, J. Kelly); Orrill United v. Ballymurn (1.00, P. Nolan); Tombrack United v. Cloughbawn (11.00, J. Fortune); Crossabeg v. Moyne Rangers (11.00, S. Vardy).

Wexford Youth Cup quarter-finals: St. Leonards 2, Campile United 2 (St. Leonards won 5-4 on penalties); Shamrock Rovers 1, Curracloe United 3 (AET); North End United 2, New Ross Celtic 2 (Celtic won 31 on penalties); Ferns United 0, Caim United 2. Premier Division: Cloughbawn 0, Moyne Rangers 2. Division 1: Gorey Celtic 3, Bunclody 1; Bridge Rovers 1, Kilmore United 4; St. Joseph's 1, Forth Celtic 6.

Division 3: Duncannon 4, Tombrack United Moyne Rangers 0, Crossabeg 7.

Division 4: Rosslare Strand 2, All Blacks 2; Rosbercon 1, Stoney Rovers 3.



Under-11 Division 1: Crossabeg 0, Gorey Rangers 7; Shelbourne 0, Wexford Albion 3; North End 2, New Ross Celtic 5.

Under-11 Division 1A: Courtown 0, Forth Celtic 1; St. Leonards 3, Ferns 0.

Under-11 Division 2: St. Joseph's 1, Oylegate 1; Taghmon 7, Gorey Celtic 2; Shamrock Rovers 0, Bunclody 1.

Under-11 Division 2A: Caim 1, Cloughbawn 1; All Blacks 2, Fastnet 1; Corach 1, Rosslare Rangers 7.

Under-11 Division 3: Camolin 8, Tombrack 0; Rosslare Strand 0, Blackwater 4.

Under-11 Division 3A: Wexford Albion 3rd 8, Gorey Celtic 2nd 0; Moyne Rangers 2nd v. Gorey Rangers 2nd (off); Stoney Rovers 1, New Ross Town 3.

Under-11 Division 4: Campile 2nd 0, Forth Celtic 2nd 4; Wexford Albion 4th 1, Moyne Rangers 3rd 4; Gorey Rangers 3rd 3, St. Cormac's 2nd 0.

Under-11 Cup first round: Bridge Rovers 1, St. Cormac's 0.

Under-14 Division 1A: Gorey Celtic 0, Bunclody 4; Crossabeg 1, North End 4; Forth Celtic 1, Shelbourne 2.

Under-14 Division 2: All Blacks 2, Wexford Celtic 1; Shamrock Rovers 1, Bree 5.

Under-14 Division 2A: Duncannon 6, Campile 0; Cloughbawn 0, Rathnure 0; Oylegate 6, Rosslare Strand 0.

Under-14 Division 3: Camolin 2, Kilmore 1; Caim 4, Stoney Rovers 0; Killenagh 3, Fethard 4.

Under-14 Division 3A: Bunclody 2nd 5, Newpark United 0.

Under-14 Division 4: Wexford Celtic 2nd 2, St. Leonards 2nd 4; Gorey Celtic 2nd 2, Courtown 2nd 8; Forth Celtic 2nd 4, Wexford Albion 3rd 0.

Under-14 Division 4A: Wexford Albion 4th 3, Wexford Albion 5th 0; Courtown 3rd 3, Bree 2nd 6.

Under-14 Cup preliminary round: Ferns v. Gorey Rangers 2nd (off).

Under-14 Cup first round: New Ross Celtic 6, Rosslare Rangers 3; Taghmon 3, St. Leonards 1st 0; Wexford Albion 1st 1, Gorey Rangers 1st 6.


SATURDAY, MARCH 10 Under-9 Group A (10.00): Rosslare Rangers v. Rosslare Strand; North End v. Wexford Albion; Wexford Celtic v. All Blacks; Forth Celtic v. Curracloe.

Under-9 Group B (10.00): Corach Ramblers v. Duncannon; Shelbourne v. New Ross Town; Fethard v. St. Leonards; Fastnet Rovers v. Adamstown.

Under-9 Group C (10.00): Ferns v. Bree; Cloughbawn v. Crossabeg; Rathnure v. Enniscorthy Town; Shamrock Rovers v. Glynn-barntown.

Under-9 Group D (10.00): Gorey Rangers v. Gorey Celtic; St. Joseph's v. Courtown; Bunclody v. Newpark United; Moyne v. Tombrack; Caim v. St. Cormac's.

Under-10 Group A (10.50): Forth Celtic v. Wexford Celtic; North End v. Curracloe; Bridge Rovers v. Kilmore; Wexford Albion v. Rosslare Rangers.

Under-10 Group B (10.50): Duncannon v. Campile; Adamstown v. St. Leonards; Fethard v. New Ross Town; New Ross Celtic v. Corach Ramblers.

Under-10 Group C (10.50): Bree v. Shamrock Rovers; Crossabeg v. Taghmon; Shelbourne v. GlynnBarntown; Blackwater v. Ballymurn.

Under-10 Group D (10.50): Gorey Celtic v. St. Joseph's; Caim v. Camolin; Gorey Rangers v. Bunclody; Killenagh v. Courtown.

Under-12 Cup second round (11.30): Newpark United v. Ferns (P. Nolan); Cloughbawn v. Moyne Rangers (M. Rellis); Rosslare Rangers v. Gorey Rangers (N. O'connor). Monday, March 19: Crossabeg v. Caim; Taghmon v. Shamrock Rovers; Wexford Celtic v. Duncannon; Shelbourne v. Campile; Wexford Albion A v. North End.

Under-12 Division 1 (11.30): Killenagh v. Wexford Albion (B. Whelan).

Under-12 Division 1A Crossabeg (E. Molloy).

Under-12 Division 2A (11.30): Rosslare Strand v. Tombrack (D. Gaul).

Under- 12 Division 2B: Bridge Rovers v. Gorey Rangers 2nd (11.30, J. Fortune); New Ross Celtic v. St. Cormac's (1.00, S. Tobin).

Under-12 Division 3 (11.30): Gorey Celtic v. Bree (M. Kenny); Forth Celtic v. Camolin (J. Diskin).

Under-12 Division 3A (11.30): St. Joseph's v. Enniscorthy United (D. O'connor); Enniscorthy Town v. Wexford Celtic (S. Hadley).

Under-16 Cup second round: Moyne Rangers B v. Courtown (11.30, K. Dunne); North End A v. St. Joseph's (11.30, M. Colfer); Killenagh Wanderers v. Forth Celtic A (12.00, N. Boland); Campile v. Fethard (11.30, R. Dwyer); Curracloe v. Corach (11.30, B. Murphy); Duncannon v. Bree (11.30, A. Tobin); Crossabeg A v. Gorey Rangers A (1.00, M. Comiskey); New Ross Celtic v. Moyne Rangers A (11.30, M. Hogan).

Under-16 Division 1A (1.00): Shamrock Rovers v. Wexford Albion (G. Cleary); Gorey Celtic v. Ferns (M. Franklin).

Under-16 Division 2 (1.00): St. Leonards v. Cloughbawn (F. Sinnott); Rathnure v. Shelbourne (W. Murphy); Adamstown v. Wexford Celtic (J. Kelly).

Under-16 Division 2A: Gorey Rangers 2nd v. Taghmon (1.00, S. Vardy); Kilmore v. Rosslare Strand (11.30, B. Fenlon).

Under-16 Division 3: Oylegate v. Wexford Albion 2nd (11.30, L. Doyle); Bridge Rovers v. Tombrack (1.15, G. Jones).

Under-16 Division 3A: Moyne Rangers 3rd v. Caim (1.15, Y. O'neill); Camolin v. Fastnet Rovers (1.00, D. Herbage); Gorey Celtic 2nd v. Forth Celtic 2nd (2.30, J. Doyle).



St. Leonards


MMI.IE Wexford Cup third round: Wexford Celtic 0, North End United 1 (Leanne O'reilly).

Premier Division: Tramore FC 4 (Eimear Fennell 2, Niamh Walsh, Aisling Frawley), Seaview United 0; Adamstown 2 (Leanne Murphy, Chantelle Martin), Curracloe United 1 (Laura Corrigan).

Division 1A: Kilmore United 3 (Katrina Parrock 3), St. Joseph's 2 (Lisa Johnston, Stephanie Gahan); Coolgreany Celtic 3 (Anne Higgins, Audrey Whitty, Sarah Merrigan), Shelbourne 2 (Marcella Cullen, Angie Westnott).

Division 1B: Shillelagh United 3 (Fiona Byrne 2, Elaine Murphy), Corach Ramblers 1 (Triona Sinnott).

Division 2A: New Ross Town 5 (Joanne Murphy 2, Lina Smitate, Anne Carroll, Moona Dejalub), Fastnet Rovers 0.

Division 2B: Campile United 0, Moyne Rangers 8 (Ciara Tobin 3, Claira Byrne, Gillian Foley, Aine Kirwan, Laura Foley, Laura Murphy).


FRIDAY, MARCH 9 Premier Division (7.30): Tramore FC

SUNDAY, MARCH 11 Premier Division: Killenagh Wanderers v. Tramore FC (12.00); Seaview United v. St. Cormac's (11.00); Benfica v. Ferns United (12.00).

Division 1A: Enniscorthy Town v. Kilmore United (2.00); Coolgreany Celtic v. Forth Celtic (11.00); Shelbourne v. St. Joseph's (11.00). Division 1B (11.00): Glen Celtic v. Shillelagh United. Division 2A (2.00): New Ross Celtic v. New Ross Town. Division 2B (1.00): Bree United v. Crossabeg. Bus Eireann Women's National League ( 2.00): Peamount United v. Wexford Youths Women.


SATURDAY, MARCH 10 Under-12 Cup quarter-finals: Bunclody AFC v. Curracloe United; All Blacks v. Kilmore United; Bridge Rovers v. Fastnet Rovers; Shelbourne v. North End United.

Under-12 Premier Division: Campile United v. Killenagh Wanderers; Glen Celtic v. Bree United. Under-12 Division 1: Ballindaggin v. Ferns United. Under-12 Division 2A: Gorey Celtic v. Courtown Hibs; St. Leonards v. Seaview United.

Under-12 Division 2B: New Ross Town v. Tombrack United; Adamstown v. Shelbourne B.

Under-12 Division 3: Wexford Celtic v. Rosslare Rangers; Cloughbawn v. Rathnure United.

Leinster Under-16 Cup preliminary round: Malahide United v. Curracloe United.

Ger Dunne Under-16 Cup second round: Bunclody AFC v. St. Joseph's.

Ger Dunne Under-16 Cup quarter-finals: North End United v. Shelbourne; Ferns United v. Bree United.

Under-16 Division 1: Seaview United v. St. Leonards; Killenagh Wanderers v. Forth Celtic.

Under-16 Division 2: Ballindaggin v. All Blacks; Taghmon United v. Corach Ramblers.

As the next round of Under-10, Under-14 and Under-18 fixtures would be due to take place on March 17, those games will be played on Monday, March 19, instead.

Under-10 Cup quarter-finals: Wexford Celtic 0, Campile United 3 (Eadaoin Kent, Heather Walsh, Eimear Somers); Ballindaggin 1 (Niamh Mchugh), Fastnet Rovers 0 (AET); Glen Celtic 0, Kilmore United 7 (Fiona Kielthy 3, Sophie Boxwell 3, Kira Bates-crosbie).

Under-10 Division 1: Bunclody AFC 10 (Katie Bates 5, Rachel Murphy 4, Laoise Kearney), St. Joseph's 0.

Under-10 Divsion 2A: Forth Celtic 4 (Aoife Bridges 2, Vicky Breen 2), Courtown Hibs 4 (Amy Robertson 2, Ella Maree 2).

Under-10 Division 2B: Corach Ramblers 9 (Niamh Miller 6, Shannon Anglim 2, Aishling Waters), Bridge Rovers 1.

Under-10 Division 3: Cloughbawn United 1 (Mia Byrne).

Under-12 Division 2B: New Ross Town 8 Walsh 7, Dearbhla Bailey), Adamstown 0.

Under-14 Cup quarter-finals: Kilmore United 3 (Becky Furlong 2, Cora Miller), Ballindaggin 2 (Sinéad Nolan 2); Shelbourne 1 (Jackie Carr), Killenagh Wanderers 2 (Niamh Moons, Megan Cahill) - AET; St. Leonards 3 (Aine Mcgarr, Muireann Kehoe, Sinéad Egan), Campile United 2 (Chloe Banville, Angelina Kenny).

Under-14 Premier Division: St. Joseph's 0, Curracloe United 1 (Dearbhla Doyle).

Under-14 Division 2A: Bridge Rovers 1 (Deirdre Byrne), Bunclody AFC 5 (Kate Hendrick 3, Britney Conroy, Michaela Farrell).

Under-14 Division 2B: Rosslare Rangers 0, Camolin Celtic 3 (Nicole Curran 2, Teghan Furlong); Wexford Celtic 0, All Blacks 7 (Emily Coakley 5, Emily Corish, Tara Connick); Cloughbawn 0, New Ross Town 8 (Janine Doyle 3, Leah Arnold 2, Kate Mackey 2, Jess Tobin), Cloughbawn 0.

Under-18 league: Ferns United 2 (Hayley Nolan, Gemma Kehoe), Shelbourne 4 (Gina Foley 3, Tara Kennedy).


v. St. Cormac's.

2, Tombrack