Tuesday 21 November 2017

Lee Chin 'disgusted' at decision

Wexford football and hurling star Lee Chin said he was 'disgusted' when he heard about the G.A.A. decision.

'I spoke out about my own experience to try and make a difference and in that way I'm disappointed that nothing is going to change,' he said.

Chin said he knows the G.A.A. has its rules but racism is such a serious issue that there can be no delay in tackling it.

'It's a form of bullying that can have a serious effect on young players.

'It should not be allowed in the game and until the rules are changed there is no guarantee that it won't continue happening.'

The Wexfordman, whose Malaysian father Voon runs Chin Can Cook restaurant in Bride Street, hit the headlines last May when he went public about his experiences of racism on the playing pitch.

'Myself and Jason Sherlock went on television and spoke about personal stuff.

'Jason had hidden it for years. The reason we did it is we wanted to highlight the probllem. We wanted to make a difference.'

Chin said he does not regret speaking out. 'I don't feel it was all for nothing because we did highlight an issue that wasn't talked about.'

The talented G.A.A. player, who also lines out with Wexford Bohemians in soccer, said he understands that the five-year restriction is to stop clubs changing the playing rules rules every year.

But he doesn't think an anti-racism measure should be viewed in the same light as a ball-handling rule.

'Racism is against the law off the pitch and it should be against the rules on the pitch.

'A lot of people are getting bullied and you have to have concern about that because you don't know what effect it's having on them.

'I can handle it but I would be afraid for younger players.

'The G.A.A. should find some way to get around this. They're going to have to figure it out,' he said.

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