Tuesday 20 March 2018

Blame for mess lies within the county: Martin

THE VICE-CHAIRMAN of Wexford County Board has defended the role of Croke Park in the recent controversy relating to the Caulfield Under-10 hurling league in New Ross District as outlined in last week's edition.

Micheál Martin, who is also Chairman of the National Games Development Committee, stated that this body 'had no role whatsoever' in the halting of the league in correspondence sent to this newspaper.

And he claimed that it was incorrect to state that this committee is charged with implementing the rule which left organisers of the popular annual competition up in arms.

'The matter of the Caulfield league has never been on the agenda of the National Games Development Committee,' he said.

'It is responsibility of the Coiste na nÓg C.C.C. in conjunction with Wexford Games Development to ensure that the games are formatted correctly and once satisfied with this, (to) present an application to the approving body (in this instance Leinster C.C.C. as clubs from outside the county are involved).

'Members of the Wexford G.A.A. management committee were recently informed via e-mail, by County Chairman Diarmuid Devereux, that Leinster C.C.C. had not granted permission for the tournament as those charged with organising the tournament had not followed Wexford G.A.A. or Leinster G.A.A. policy. Therefore it would seem that the blame for what has become an administrative mess lies firmly within the county,' Martin added.

He said it was 'unfortunate' in the case of the Caulfield league that children were denied an opportunity to play our games in a fun environment, adding that 'focus needs to be brought to sorting out this matter presently'.

Indeed, he has gone so far as to call for a 'full investigation into the administrative errors' that led to what he described as a 'debacle'.

Martin added it was time to press ahead with implementing the Wexford G.A.A. Games Development Plan on a consistent basis so that the county may achieve its potential.

'The County Chairman has stated on a number of occasions that this plan must be implemented in full and emphasised that Go Games were Wexford G.A.A. policy and must be adhered to without exceptions.'

Thankfully, the issues surrounding the competition were ironed out which meant that the most important people - the young players from the eight Wexford clubs involved - got the opportunity to play in their final games on Friday last.

New Ross Standard